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You will get full access to the individual products of Adobe Technical Communication Suite for a trial period of 30 days, with the exception of Adobe Acrobat which has a 7-day trial period, beginning from the day you install it.
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Get introduced to Adobe FrameMaker
See how you can enhance your workflow through the entire content lifecycle, from creation to review and publishing.
Migrate from Word to Adobe FrameMaker
Overcome the challenges you face while working on Word by smoothly importing your documents into FrameMaker.
Adobe FrameMaker for XML/DITA authoring
Harness the powerful, easy-to-use XML/DITA authoring workspace designed for beginners and experts alike.
Create DITA templates in Adobe FrameMaker
Easily create DITA templates for your technical content with this step-by-step video guide and reap the benefits of structured authoring in the latest release of FrameMaker.
Get started with Adobe RoboHelp
Learn about the new user interface and features so you can create amazing Help content for customers.
Explore the advanced features in Adobe RoboHelp
See how you can upgrade projects, work smarter with the new minimalist interface, collaborate with source control solutions like Git, author micro content and more.






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Introduction to Adobe FrameMaker and Adobe RoboHelp
Quickly get started with Adobe FrameMaker and Adobe RoboHelp with these free online courses, each containing 3 hours of tutorial videos.



Free online learning course


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