What's New

Adobe Anywhere lets teams of video professionals collaborate with media simultaneously in a shared environment.
Collaborate without boundaries
Adobe Anywhere brings a focused feature set to enterprise teams that collaborate in a single location.


Integration with industry-leading Adobe tools
Streamline your team’s workflow. Anywhere integrates directly with the user interface of Adobe Premiere Pro CC and Prelude CC, so editors and bloggers can collaborate more efficiently without learning new software.


Smart conflict resolution
When users edit the same sequence, you are sent information about any conflicts and given the opportunity to keep the other person’s changes, your changes or both. Regardless of the option you choose, data is never lost, because Anywhere has an infinite-level versioning system.
Easy-to-use versioning system
Use version control features that significantly reduce project conflicts and make it easy to revert to older versions when necessary.
Integration with existing infrastructure
Augment existing hardware and systems to transform your production workflows most effectively. Anywhere is designed to work with the infrastructure you have in place, simplifying implementation.
Control of user rights
Choose who can access production media. Grant or remove access rights based on individual and team needs or integrate with rights management systems such as LDAP.
Media management
Easily add media to productions and update the media location if it changes.
Centrally managed media and project information
Increase efficiency by using shared, central resources and IT infrastructure.
Performance and administrative dashboard
A performance and administrative dashboard provides better monitoring when troubleshooting issues related to connecting to the system and rendering. This allows customers to more quickly identify and resolve issues.
Support for standard systems and processes
Work with standard resources. Adobe Anywhere is an open, collaborative workflow platform designed to be used in an enterprise environment without special hardware.
Support for growing files
Edit media while it is recording to a file — a capability vitally important for sports and other live broadcasts. Anywhere supports the same formats for growing files as Premiere Pro CC.