Lance Hidy


Lance Hidy became interested in letterforms at the age of 12 in Portland, Oregon, when he came under the influence of Lloyd Reynolds, a well-known teacher of italic handwriting. While studying art at Yale, Hidy took up printing and graphic design, which led to his 1969 co-founding of David R. Godine, Publisher in Boston. His interest in photography resulted in book design collaborations with Arnold Newman and Ansel Adams, and an ongoing role as book designer for the Ansel Adams Trust. Hidy's photography-based illustration style brought assignments to design U.S. postage stamps about mentoring, Special Olympics, and jury duty. His poster lettering led to the commission to design the Penumbra family of sixteen fonts. It is the only typeface that offers a range of serif options, from full serif to sans serif. Hidy teaches graphic design, illustration, and photography in addition to maintaining his freelance practice. The son of the prominent fly fisherman Vernon S. Hidy, Lance is working on several projects about his father and the history of the sport, including macro photography of vintage trout flies. His home is in Merrimac, Massachusetts.
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