We’re all about legal innovation, too.


Adobe Legal Department Legal Style Guide

When you’re part of one of the world’s most innovative companies, it rubs off on you — even if you’re an solicitor.

The Legal team at Adobe is constantly seeking creative new ways to better serve our customers and employees. Part of this effort has been the development of the Adobe Legal Department Style Guide. We use it as the foundation for the way we create and revise our agreements and policy and training materials to ensure that they are as clear and concise as possible and that we communicate with a common voice.

These efforts have already paid off by making our document processes more efficient and reducing translation and other costs. What’s more, less jargon makes everyone happy by making our internal and external communications easier to understand.

Now we'd like to help others in the legal profession do the same. The Adobe Legal Department Style Guide is available to anyone free of charge under a Creative Commons licence. We hope that you'll find it of value to you and your organisation. 

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