Create compelling infographic designs.

Go beyond basic pie charts with Adobe Illustrator. Captivate readers with effective infographic design that uses data points and visual content to tell your story at a glance.

Digital illustration of data charts on a smartphone

Take data visualisation to the next level.

Get the tools you need to build design elements for beautiful infographics that blend narrative copywriting with complex data and creative design.

Different graphs showcased side by side

Stylise your art, charts and graphs.

Design eye-catching bar graphs, flowcharts, timeline infographics and more with the Charts tool. Clearly label elements for easy comprehension.

Simple bar graph

Keep data up to date.

Adjust information and data points without redoing artwork with the Charts tool. Use Data Merge to create multiple versions of your infographic design.

Unique digital icon set

Design icons that pop.

Present content in a unique way. Create customised icons that enhance infographics by adding clarity to your presentation.

Infographic of icebergs and what percentage of them is underwater

Illustrate your point.

Bring a personal touch to your infographic style with Pen, Pencil and Shape Builder tools that allow you to design impactful pieces.


Access versatile tools for infographic creators.

Ignite your creative vision with stunning typography and infographic templates. Use these files as a foundation for your work or bring them into Illustrator to amplify your design.

Example of different font styles

Find the right font.

Preview over 17,000 fonts to find styles that keep your information organised and interesting — compelling text helps make a good infographic great.

Infographic template and colour pallete examples

Get a head start.

Explore templates in a variety of styles and colour palettes. A strong start can help you kick off your own infographics.

Hone your vector design skills.

With so many elements in each piece, designing infographics requires dexterity. Improve your abilities across Illustrator with these helpful tutorials.

An array of unique infographics

Follow the infographic roadmap.

Explore what the best infographics have in common and learn the process behind their creation with this comprehensive blog post.

Simple white icon set against a blue background

Create something iconic.

Discover how to create a set of vector icons that illustrate different features while unifying your infographic.

Uniquely stlylised bar graph

Raise the bar.

Add style and personality to simple bar graphs by replacing rectangles with unique, compelling shapes.

Illustration of a wolf flanked by two trees

Draw the eye.

Design infographics that stand out by mastering the tools you need to create any vector art you can imagine.

Dive into free infographic templates.

Illustrate your data and information with clear, crisp infographic designs.

 Collage of various infographic designs for Adobe Illustrator
 Infographic designs for Adobe Illustrator displayed on a tablet and mobile phone

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