Turn it up a notch with a professional audio recorder.

Create dynamic sound for your audio, radio, music, and video projects. Make anything sound better with the top-of-the-line audio enhancements and effects tools in Adobe Audition. Mix multitrack recordings or work directly with video to polish sound for TV and film. Collaborate efficiently with Adobe Creative Cloud integration and produce awesome sound.

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Sound, video, photography, and design. Creative Cloud has you covered.

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An audio recorder for every project.

Recording and mixing sound for radio, TV, music, and film is a complex business. Your audio software doesn’t have to be complicated. A flexible interface allows you to easily clean up sound, mix music tracks, create audio effects, and apply dynamic filters.

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Record directly or edit recorded tracks.

Adobe Audition can record and mix live through your computer microphone and studio recording equipment, or you can work with recorded tracks. Create live narration, edit and enhance sound, or mix several tracks dynamically.

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Multitrack or clip editing.

Edit a single clip or mix several tracks together. Edit, enhance, and fine-tune an individual clip in Waveform mode. Combine clips on a timeline with transitions and effects using Multitrack mode.

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Premiere Pro audio integration.

Edit sound for video projects through direct links with Adobe Premiere Pro. Fine-tune clips or entire sequences by choosing Edit in Audition. Bring a full audio editing toolkit to your movie making.

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Powerful features to produce awesome audio.

An audio editor is for much more than mixing levels. Create professional sound quality for your projects with the best tools, effects, and apps for audio production.

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Essential Sound panel
A powerhouse for upping your sound game. Repair the audio from your audio recorder, unify sound levels, and add special effects with simple controls for impressive, quick results.
Synthesized speech
Convert text to realistic speech. Create a clean voiceover or narration track quickly. Specify language, gender, and other vocal characteristics for a perfect match, and even add new languages and voices.
Automatic loudness correction
Match loudness levels in different clips automatically. Audition has presets for many professional standards including peak amplitude, rms, ITU BS1770, PRSS and EBU R128, among others.
Marker import and export
Audition can import and export XMP markers. Whether for a single clip or a multimedia track, you can work with timecode markers for editing or even sample-based markers for use by other designers.
Media Encoder integration
You can follow an efficient linear workflow if you started work in Audition by a link from Premiere Pro. When you have completed your audio editing, you can send your completed video directly to Adobe Media Encoder without returning to Premiere Pro.

Different platforms. Same great power and performance.

Responsive and rapid on Windows or macOS.

Work on the platform that’s most convenient for you. Audition records and edits as efficiently and smoothly on either system so you can easily collaborate across platforms.

Make it. Creative Cloud.

Adobe Audition is part of Creative Cloud, which also includes Premiere Pro, Photoshop, Illustrator, and all our other amazing creative desktop and mobile apps. It’s everything you need to turn your brightest ideas into your best work and share it with the world.

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