Craft beautiful customized lettering.

Create unique text to add to any project with {{adobe-illustrator.}} Whether your lettering style is gothic, simple, or fancy, you’ll find the right tools to create lettering that makes a statement.

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Use Adobe Illustrator to create customized lettering

Personalize projects with hand lettering.

Bring stylish lettering to any medium, from tattoo design to branding. Explore the ways Illustrator helps you create lettering designs worth a thousand words.

Scale your custom lettering to any size in Illustrator.

Go big.

Scale your custom lettering to any size. Vectorize your art then adjust to the ideal size for your project.

Start with freehand.

Bring hand-drawn lettering into Illustrator with Image Trace. Then convert and adjust your lettering to fit your creative needs.

Use personalized settings to stylize your custom lettering.
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Create your own tools.

Stylize your lettering with adjustable brush settings. Even replicate the strokes of an angled calligraphy pen or paint brush.

Work with precision.

Get the exact dimensions you want with rulers and grids —and adjustable brushes — that bring uniformity to hand lettering fonts.

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Use your lettering across Adobe Creative Cloud.

Integrate your work across Creative Cloud, access Adobe Fonts, and sync with Adobe Stock. You can easily add lettering to designs, videos, or even prep it for printing on custom vinyl.

Integrate your custom lettering into other Adobe products

Work seamlessly.

Quickly integrate your lettering into Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, XD, and Premiere Pro to brand your project with a polished, personal look.

Inspire your custom lettering creation with ideas from Adobe Fonts and Adobe Stock

Find new ideas.

Discover fonts, photos, graphics, and more with access to Adobe Fonts and Adobe Stock. And keep your work on hand with automatic cloud syncing — easy access to projects when working from multiple devices.

How to capture your hand lettering.

Take your lettering from the page to a versatile vector in a few straightforward steps.

  • Sketch it:
    Kick things off by drawing your design.
  • Capture it:
    Digitize your drawing using Adobe Capture and bring it into Illustrator.
  • Convert it:
    Vectorize your drawing with Image Trace for easier manipulation and resizing.
  • Polish it:
    Adjust and edit your hand-lettering art to create an amazing look.
  • Share it:
    Export and bring your design over to your next lettering project.


Explore hand lettering tutorials.

Check out these quick how-to guides for Illustrator projects, and take your DIY lettering from simple to stunning.

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Begin with the basics.

Bring your hand lettering into Illustrator and fine-tune it with this step-by-step guide.

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Learn how to bring handmade art into the digital world

Get digital.

Discover how letterer Christine Herrin brings her handmade art to the digital world.

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Learn how to take initial sketches of lettering art to digital perfection

Elevate your sketches.

Find out how artist Martina Flor takes her preliminary drawings of lettering art to digital perfection with Illustrator.

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