Adobe Sustainability Policy Statement

September 8, 2014
At Adobe we believe that we have an obligation—to our employees, our communities, our investors, our customers, and to the environment—to operate in a sustainable manner. 
Action Statement
Sustainability at Adobe is based on our guiding principles: creating healthy and innovative work environments, reduce operational costs and increase productivity by conserving resources and reducing waste, operating profitably, fostering a culture of involvement in sustainability through employee engagement, and enabling our customers to become more sustainable through their use of our products.
Specifically, Adobe will:
·      Continue to develop digital products designed to enhance the sustainability initiatives of both employees and customers
·      Increase the amount of Adobe software that is sold digitally, decreasing the need for product packaging and shipping
·      Continue to reduce packaging used per unit to greater than 90% from 2011 levels, and for the remaining physical products, continue to procure recycled content as much as possible
·      Increase tracking of sustainability measures throughout Adobe’s product supply chain through comprehensive reporting metrics
·      Contract with third party providers and suppliers to operate sustainably and to reduce waste
·      Educate employees on sustainability for both home and work through a combination of employee communication, webinars and on-site presentations
·      Engage employees on sustainability through Adobe’s Green Team volunteer network
·      Measure Scope 1, Scope 2 and Scope 3 (business travel) carbon emissions annually and implement strategies to reduce them
·      Develop ability to measure all Scope 3 emissions and continue to work to reduce overall carbon footprint
·      Ensure that we utilize energy responsibly through the
implementation of energy efficient projects and by our choice of renewable and alternative sources whenever possible
·      Set annual conservation targets for energy, water, solid waste, and carbon emissions and implement plans to meet them
·      Procure building materials with full disclosure of content from our vendors, preferably with recyclable materials
·      Achieve solid waste diversion at a rate of 95% or more by 2015 through a combination of composting, reusing, and recycling, for all sites, as feasible
·      Continue to reduce domestic irrigation water usage
·      Report results of our sustainability program to employees, executive management, and other stakeholders at least annually
·      Ensure compliance through a combination of self- and third-party audits and certifications
Adobe employees, vendors, and visitors have a legal duty to ensure that all country appropriate environmental laws and regulations are met. For any potential environmental violations, such as spills, strange odors, inappropriate chemical disposal, etc., report them to your Adobe manager or, for vendors and visitors, to your Adobe contact.  You may also contact Facilities at 6HELP or the Global Securities Operations Center at 1-408-536-4444.
Adobe expects that each employee, vendor and visitor will follow the above practices to ensure that Adobe meets its reported sustainability goals.  Please follow the guidelines set in this policy statement and for further information in