Stand out with {{after-effects}}.

Start a fire or make it rain. Animate a logo or character. Remove any object from a clip — and even navigate and design in a true 3D workspace. With {{after-effects}}, you can make eye-catching motion graphics and visual effects for social posts and videos that won’t be ignored.

Get animated.

Set text and graphics in motion. Make them revolve, wiggle, bounce, rotate, flip, flop, and more.
Woman running with RotoBrush tool outline

Rotoscope like never before.

Extract objects faster and more accurately. The AI-powered Roto Brush tool makes extracting hard-to-roto objects like overlapping limbs, wind-swept hair, and transparent elements a breeze.

Create faster with fresh presets.

Spin graphics, twirl titles, and capture eyeballs with hundreds of presets from well-known motion designers available right inside the app. Get a head start on videos that get viewers more engaged.


{{after-effects}} is always getting better, with new features rolling out regularly. And with your {{creative-cloud-membership}}, you get them as soon as we release them.


Bring 3D along for the fun.

A true 3D workspace lets you import 3D models right into {{after-effects}} — then animate, light, and shade — and blend them with 2D elements for captivating motion graphics and VFX composites.

Rev up how you roto.

Now paired with an even more powerful AI model, the Roto Brush and mask refinement tools make rotoscoping fine details in motion faster and more accurate.

Work faster in fewer clicks.

The Properties panel brings your go-to animation settings into one convenient, context-sensitive panel — cutting down on clicks, navigation, and twirl-downs.

Collaborate and never miss a beat.

{{frame-io}} in {{after-effects}} streamlines sharing your work with clients and team members. Get the notes, feedback, and approvals you need — exactly where you need them.