Two identical photos side by side of a person wearing a knitted sweater and looking to the left, but the photo on the right has a vintage preset setting applied to it


Recreate the look of old school photography with Adobe Photoshop Lightroom film presets.

Add a variety of film styles to photos with just one click. Discover free Lightroom presets that can give your images the feel of classic film stock.

What are film presets?

Film presets mimic the grain and appearance of a retro film camera, making your picture look like something you’d see in an old family photo album. There’s a huge selection of popular Lightroom film presets that can help you achieve different classic looks.


You can find the following presets preloaded in Lightroom under the Yours tab:

A photo of a person sitting next to their surfboard and wearing a wet suit on the beach with the Adobe Photoshop Lightroom "Cool Shadows & Warm Highlights" preset applied to the right half of the photo

Creative › Cool Shadows & Warm Highlights

This preset reduces Contrast and Highlights to replicate the look of a photograph taken on an old Fujifilm camera with cool, light blue hues offset by warm, washed-out tones.

A photo of a kid partially revealed from underneath a large umbrella with the Adobe Photoshop Lightroom "B&W High Contrast" preset applied to the right half of the photo

B&W › B&W High Contrast

By dialing up the whites to make them lighter and reducing blacks to make them darker, the Black & White High Contrast filter mimics the monochromatic tones of early Kodak and Agfa film stocks.

A photo of a parent and their child peacefully resting heads on each other with the Adobe Photoshop Lightroom "Cool Matte" preset applied to the right half of the photo

Creative › Cool Matte

Achieve a dark and moody color palette with this preset based on the look of a faded photograph printed on matte paper.

A photo of a person wearing a wedding dress and lying down in the grass with the Adobe Photoshop Lightroom "Vintage Instant" preset applied to the right half of the photo

Creative › Vintage Instant

Capture the retro, nostalgic feel of an old Polaroid image with this warm, washed-out preset featuring reduced whites.    

Adobe Lightroom film presets from the pros.

Explore free film emulation presets you can apply during the photo editing process to give your photos an analog feel.

A photo of a person wearing a dress shirt and dress pants sitting in the middle of a blue couch

Chris Hau Lightroom preset pack.

This Lightroom preset bundle includes a cinematic movie preset so you can apply a big screen film effect to your photography.

A close-up photo of a white cat's face with intensely blue eyes

Rebecca Plattner pet photography presets.

These selections from pet photographer Rebecca Plattner include a Retro preset to lend a faded look to an image, even if no furry friends are in it.   

How to create your own preset.

A quick guide for how to create and save your own presets that resemble film photography in Lightroom.

1. Edit it:

With your image open in Lightroom, access the Edit menu.

2. Tweak it:

Adjust the Light and Color sliders and use Effects to add Grain or a Vignette.

3. Name it:

From the Preset window, click the three dots at the top right, choose Create Preset, and name your creation.

4. Save it:

Click Save. Your new preset will now appear in the Presets panel for you to use on other photos.

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