A typographic design featuring three rows of text that have been bolded and italicized.


How to add fonts to Adobe Photoshop.

Fabulous fonts are only a few steps away for your next project. Learn how to import and work with fonts on Mac and PC.

A typeface for every project.

Fonts are powerful tools for everyone — whether you’re a beginner, working on a one-off project, or a full-fledged graphic designer. Photoshop gives you the typography tools you need to handle any project.

An example of the Choose Font feature being used while editing a graphic.

Use any font.

Photoshop is compatible with both OpenType fonts (OTF) and TrueType fonts (TTF), which means that you can use virtually any imported font in your designs. 

Colorful typographic design examples using different fonts.

Explore Adobe Fonts.

With any Adobe Creative Cloud subscription, you’ll get access to Adobe Fonts, which has more than 20,000 fonts — all licensed and ready for personal or commercial use. 

An example of the Flag Style feature being used. The word "Wave" has been altered to bend and curve in the shape of a flag.

Get creative with text tools.

You can bend, warp, curve, and shape text to fit your designs with flexible text modification tools. The only limit is your imagination.

An example of the Custom Font feature being used. Displayed are options to customize the weight, width, and slant of the characters.

Make your own custom fonts.

With variable fonts and paragraph styles, you can create a custom font and save it for reuse in any design that you like.

How to install fonts on Mac and PC.

MacOS and Windows have slightly different steps for adding fonts — but both methods are as easy as a few clicks, regardless of your operating system. 

How to import a font on Mac.

Adding a font on a Mac is as simple as downloading the file and clicking a few options. Sometimes fonts come in a zip folder, so you’ll need to extract that beforehand.

1. Download it:

Once you’ve found your font, download it, making sure that it’s a TTF or OTF file. 

2. Install it:

Double-click the font file, which opens the Font Box app, then click Install Font. 

3. Select it:

Using the Horizontal Text tool, select where you want to type and pick the font in the text menu.

4. Type it:

Type out your text with the Type tool and modify as needed.

How to import a font on a PC.

Installing a font in Windows is similar to the steps above, though you’ll be using slightly different apps. 

1. Download it:

Once you’ve found your font, download it to a folder or your desktop. 

2. Click it:

Right-click the downloaded font file and select Install. 

3. Select it:

In Photoshop, select the Horizontal Text tool, and find the new font in the menu bar at the top. 

4. Type it:

Type out some sample text to ensure that your new font is working. 

Adobe Photoshop

Do more with Adobe Photoshop.

Expand your font repertoire.

Fonts and text are incredibly useful tools for many photo and design projects, and these tutorials will show you what you can do with text in Photoshop. 

A graphic image showing the word "Dream" edited over a dark and abstract background.

Add text to your photos.

Learn about the intersection of typography and photography with this helpful tutorial. 

An abstract typographic design showing the words "Hello" and "Next."

Discover the power of variable fonts.

Variable fonts give you flexibility and customization options for your fonts, allowing you to customize how your fonts look, down to the character. 

Typographic designs featuring the words "Balto" and "Ohm."

Write with diverse scripts.

Photoshop has additional compatibility for writing systems and font families from other countries, so you can express yourself in the language that feels most comfortable. 

A typographic design featuring the word "Widths."

Install on any platform.

These tutorials will show you how to install fonts on a variety of other platforms. 

Frequently asked questions.

Photoshop uses fonts that users have activated on their computers. For example, one user creates a document that uses the font Futura. They then share it with a friend whose computer does not have that font. The font won’t render properly until it’s installed on the second device.


Adobe Creative Cloud subscriptions include access to hundreds of fonts and font foundries/font families.


Web-safe fonts are those that have been installed by default on the largest number of systems.

Adobe Fonts gives users thousands of fonts as part of the Creative Cloud subscription. These fonts are licensed for personal and commercial use. Full details on font licensing are available in the Terms of Use.


Some exclusions apply — when using fonts in mobile or desktop applications, for example. The user must purchase the correct license from the foundry or an authorized reseller in these cases.

It’s never been easier to add fonts to Photoshop. Creative Cloud subscriptions provide access to Adobe Fonts, your home for more than 20,000 fonts that are licensed and ready for personal and commercial use.

All fonts in active use are available in the My Adobe Fonts section of your user profile. Active fonts describe those activated through Creative Cloud. You can go to the Active Fonts tab to manage your current and previously installed fonts. We recommend removing fonts no longer in use in order to optimize performance and shorten font menus.


You have a few options when deactivating fonts. You can use the Deactivate switch next to a font-family name to remove that entire family, or you can use the switch next to individual font styles to remove a single font. Finally, the Bulk Deactivate tool allows you to deactivate larger groups of fonts.


Note that we keep track of fonts already used under the Previously Active tab. That way, you can find them if needed in the future.

The most common Photoshop fonts are Arial, Calibri, Verdana, Times New Roman, and Georgia. They're all considered “web-safe” fonts because they're widely available on almost all computers and devices. They’re easy to read, which makes them a popular choice for both web design, document, and graphic design projects.


Other commonly used Photoshop fonts include Helvetica, Tahoma, and Trebuchet MS. Note that the use of specific fonts can vary depending on their purpose and the design project’s target audience.

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