How to make a collage in Adobe Photoshop.

Photo collages are a great way to show off a theme or concept. Learn how to make different types in seconds with tutorials and collage templates.

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An example of a photo collage.


Arrange multiple images exactly the way you want.

A collage helps you bring together different pieces of media into a compelling image — create dozens of different digital collages in Photoshop.

An example of a photo collage.

What is a collage?

Collages are a type of art or graphic design where different elements are combined into a new image with a new meaning. Collages can include photography, drawings, vector illustration, and more.

Editing tools for collages.

When you’re building a collage, you’re going to need to reposition and resize your elements. With the image selected that you want to resize, simply choose Edit › Free Transform and then drag the corners of your selection (holding Shift down to not distort your content).

Layers panel superimposed on a photo collage.

Undo, redo, and repeat.

When you drag a new image into your Photoshop project, it will automatically add it as a new layer. Right-click on it to convert it to a Smart Object so you can preserve the original pixels and image quality as you size it up, size it down, and move it around.

Try templates for any collage.

For a first time collager, there are dozens of free templates to work with. Find them in Adobe Stock or right within the Photoshop app when you choose File › New › Photo and browse featured templates. Fill and modify stylish designs to look just the way you want.

Examples of collage templates.

How to make a basic collage step by step.

Creating your first collage is as easy as doing some importing and movement.

  • Import it:
    With a new document open, select File › Scripts › Load Files into Stack, click Browse, and select all the images that you want to bring into Photoshop.
  • Protect it:
    Turn each of your image layers into Smart Objects by selecting them in the Layer panel and navigating to Layer › Smart Objects › Convert to Smart Object.
  • Adjust it:
    Use the Move tool and Edit › Free Transform to reshape and resize your images as you need.
  • Border it:
    Right-click a photo layer and select Blending Options. From there, you can add borders using Stroke options.
  • Tweak it:
    Make adjustments from the toolbar with the Crop tool, and if you like how your new border looks, you can copy and paste it to additional photos. Right-click the layer with your border and select Copy Layer Style. Then right-click the layer or layers for your other images and select Paste Layer Style.

Collage project ideas.

Collaging is a technique that you can apply to your next project — try some of these ideas.

An example of a photo collage.

Make mixed media masterpieces.

Combine brushwork, pencil drawing, photography, and more to create a feast for the eyes. Install free brushes like those by Kyle T. Webster to add unique texture to your artwork.

Arrange a thematic photo collage.

Collages are a great way to display photos. Try arranging a collage around a theme or an idea, such as a family tree.

A photo of a physical photo collage made using photo prints and color swatches.
An example of an art exhibition poster made using a collage.

Design colorful posters.

Arrange different pieces of photos and artwork in a compelling way to make a truly eye-catching poster for an event or a show.

Create composites.

Combine multiple images to result in a photo composite that can really make your audience think. This stunning blended artwork is a bit more seamless than a collage.

An example of a composite photo.


Supplement your collage skills with more Photoshop tutorials.

These guides will help you create better collages and level up your Photoshop skills.

An example of a photo montage.

Change color in a photo.

Explore several ways to swap colors, including adding adjustment layers or fill layers, or painting new hues with the Brush tool.

Learn how to change color

An example of a collage template.

Explore collage templates on Adobe Stock.

Adobe Stock has templates for just about any project you can imagine. Try these ones to create basic collages and other digital art.

Collage templates

An example graphic created by superimposing overlays and effects on an image.

Become super.

Superimposing images with overlays and other effects can create startling results. Learn how this collage-adjacent skill can jump-start your projects.

How to superimpose

An example of a photo being resized.

Refit and resize.

With dozens of ways to resize, distort, and warp images, it’s helpful to know which tools work best. This guide will help.

Resize a photo