A photo of two people sitting and laughing together at a picnic table in a park with a smaller version of the photo superimposed over it


Enlarge images quickly and easily.

Photo editors often run into image enlargement issues with large format printing and other tasks. Discover how to upsize your images for any medium with Adobe Photoshop.

Adjust the size of an image to whatever you need.

If you’re printing photos or preparing a large digital canvas, you may need to enlarge your images for various mediums that require different file sizes. With the right tools, you can expand image size for any job while retaining high-quality image resolution.

An image of a child sitting on rocks by a body of water and the Adobe Photoshop Canvas Size tool superimposed over it

Adjust your canvas for resizing.

Adjust canvases at will from the Image menu bar to meet the needs of the job, no matter how large.

A cropped image of a flamingo with its head poking out of a cloud and the Adobe Photoshop Ratio tool superimposed over it

Keep things to spec.

Preserve aspect ratios of your original image as you change sizes to meet various specifications that graphic designers and photo editors work in.

A slightly pixelated image of a person piggybacking on another person next to the same image that has improved image resolution

Generate pixels.

Let Adobe Sensei AI generate new pixels to fill gaps in your photo as you enlarge it to make seamless enhancement a breeze.

A pixelated image of a person standing and holding their longboard over their shoulder and the Adobe Photoshop Enhance menu panel superimposed over it

Enhance quality.

When you enlarge a picture in Photoshop, you can make the image bigger with no reduction in quality by using the Adobe Camera Raw plug-in enhancement tools.

Enhancement plug-ins keep your images sharp.

Bypass the challenges of enhancing and resizing smaller images with Photoshop tools to enlarge images for printing and display.

An image of a person cupping red marbles in their hand and the Adobe Photoshop Preserve Details 2.0 menu panel superimposed over it

Preserve Details 2.0.

With the power of artificial intelligence, automatic upscaling technology in Photoshop keeps images sharp after a resize or crop.

A low-resolution image of person's side profile next to the same image that has improved image resolution

Super Resolution.

Get maximal enhancements for large-format and high-DPI printing with Super Resolution in the Camera Raw plug-in.

How to enlarge an image in Photoshop.

Use Super Resolution to increase the size of an image without losing the detail it had at its original size. Super Resolution also automatically cleans, sharpens, resamples, and enhances your new image.

1. Open it:

From Camera Raw (the plug-in, not the Photoshop filter), open your original image.

2. Enhance it:

In the filmstrip, right-click or control-click an image file and select Enhance from the menu.

3. Super Resolution it:

Check the box that reads Super Resolution. You’ll see a time estimate beneath it.

4. Save it:

Click Enhance. The algorithm will do its work, and the new, larger image will be automatically produced, with the file extension DNG attached to it.

Adobe Photoshop

Do more with Adobe Photoshop.

Hone your image editing skills.

These tutorials will show you how to resize images and enhance a digital image for detailed work.

One image of flowers growing in a cityscape next to a close-up image of a flower

Resize your images.

Watch this quick video to learn how to easily adjust the size of your images in multiple ways.

Two duplicate, stacked images: A low-resolution image of two children using a laptop together and the same image that has improved image resolution

Clean up images.

Learn how to enlarge a picture in Photoshop without losing image quality. Use the Raw Details setting to refine images as you resize them.

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