AI Image Extender: Use AI to expand photo backgrounds.

Extending an image is easy with Generative Expand in Photoshop. Just click and drag beyond the borders of your image to create a bigger background, increase your aspect ratio, and more.

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How to expand an image with generative AI.


Discover the magic of using AI to extend images.

Sometimes the canvas you’re working with just isn’t the right size — you need space to add text or want to transform a landscape into a portrait. With the Crop tool and Generative Expand, an AI image extender powered by Adobe Firefly, you can seamlessly resize your image to fit any need.

How to use AI to expand an image in Photoshop.

  • Get started with the Crop Tool.
    Open your image in Photoshop, then select the Crop tool from the toolbar. Click and drag the handles on the crop border to expand your canvas. You can also use the Contextual Task Bar to select common crop sizes from the Ratio dropdown menu.
  • Generate a new background.
    Click Generate in the Contextual Task Bar to fill your expanded canvas with newly generated content that blends seamlessly with the original image. Click through the variation options in the Contextual Task Bar or Properties panel to choose the one you like best.
  • Use prompts for a custom result.
    Type a simple description into the text-entry prompt box in the Contextual Task Bar, like “sunny tropical beach” to generate a specific output.
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Why extend an image background?

Here are a few good reasons you might want to expand the size of a background.

You need to tell a larger story.

Maybe you have the perfect shot of a person or object, but they’re off-center, or an important bit of background has been cut off. With Generative Expand you can quickly correct such imperfections with high-quality results.

You want to create a specific background.

If you want your background to be full of fireflies or need an expanded city background to be busy or empty, you can use prompts to fine tune your results.

You want a different aspect ratio.

When it comes to photography and graphic design work, one uniform size does not fit all. With the Crop tool and Generative Expand, adjusting a photo to 16:9 from 4:3 dimensions can happen in an instant. Expand images so they work on websites, social, digital ads and more.

You need more space to play.

Extending the background of your workspace helps you to add text and other elements, like graphics or cutouts from other images.


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