Take your creativity to new places with Photoshop on the iPad.

Photoshop. Beyond the desktop.

Photoshop now goes wherever you do, with features reimagined just for iPad. Craft composites with your finger and retouch images with your Apple Pencil. Work with multiple layers. Your PSDs are the same, whether you’re working on desktop or iPad. Get to know Photoshop on the iPad.

These features are just the beginning.

Photoshop on the iPad brings you key features for retouching, compositing, and more — and it’s getting better all the time.

Familiar workspace

Familiar workspace
Work with your Layer stack and Toolbar tools just like you do on your desktop. Swipe, pinch, tap, scribble, slide — you’ll feel closer to your work than ever before.

Work anywhere

Work anywhere
Your files are automatically saved to Adobe’s cloud as you work, so you can access them on your desktop or iPad, wherever you are.


Edit and enhance images and remove unwanted elements with features such as spot healing and clone stamp.


Create with as many layers as you do on desktop using both a compact and detailed view, so it’s easy to navigate and organize.


Combine digital elements to create something new on multiple layers. Make sophisticated selections, create masks, and use brushes with the precise control of your finger or Apple Pencil.

Make selections

Make selections
Easily select and duplicate images on your iPad. Copy and paste selections to create simple composites.

Works just like Photoshop, because it is.

Create with full PSDs, saved in the cloud.

Open up full-size PSDs on your desktop or iPad and store them in the cloud — no conversion necessary. You get the same fidelity, power, and performance no matter what device you’re working on, even when you’re designing with thousands of layers.

Create with full PSDs.

Familiar tools.
Fingertip control.

Use quick gestures and touch shortcuts to make edits directly on your canvas and speed up your workflow. With context-aware UI, you display only the core tools and panes you need, so you can focus on your canvas, not the clutter.

Familiar tools. Fingertip control.

We’re building this together.

Join our creative community to help shape the future of Photoshop by giving us your feedback and stay up to date on the latest releases and improvements. 

We’re building this together.

Take Photoshop further with Adobe Fresco.

Adobe Fresco is a new drawing and painting app made for iPad that's included with your Photoshop or Creative Cloud All Apps plan. Paint with live watercolor and oil brushes or draw crisp lines with scaleable vector brushes. Anything you create is auto-saved in the cloud when you're online, so you can access and enhance the same artwork in Photoshop on your desktop or iPad.


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Take Photoshop further with Adobe Fresco


What’s new and what’s next.

Now you can send photos from Adobe Photoshop Lightroom to Photoshop on the iPad and back again — and transform them into anything you can imagine. That’s just one of the new features to explore in our latest release.

And we’re just getting started. Here are a few of the many new features we’ll be rolling out in the near future:

  • Bring your own brushes
  • Image sharpening
  • Document size editing
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