Elevate your work with cloud brush sets.

Cloud brushes in Photoshop can help you create realistic clouds in both photo editing and graphic design. Use them to give your next project a little atmosphere.

Add an airy feel to your design with cloud brushes.

Bring cloud textures to any graphic design project or photograph. Explore how to use a cloud brush to add a wispy, billowy texture to images in Adobe Photoshop.

Clouds are outlined over a row of tiny homes before modifying them with the brush symbol overlaid

Modify your set of cloud brushes.

Use the Brush Settings panel to adjust the properties of a cloud brush, from size and flow to smoothing and opacity. Once you’ve fine-tuned every feature, save it as a preset for future use.

A custom Photoshop cloud brush is made with the Brush Settings panel overlaid

Create your own Photoshop cloud brushes.

If the preset brushes you find aren’t your style, you can make your own cloud brush from the Brush Settings panel, or by using an image of a cloud pulled from a picture. 

Brush tools from cloud brush packs are organized in an overlay over white and red clouds in a blue sky

Organize your brush tools.

Don’t sweat it if you’ve got a lot of different cloud brush packs. You can keep track of all your brushes by creating specific folders to save them in.

Dark and white clouds are layered using high-resolution cloud brushes with the layer symbol overlaid

Work in multiple layers.

When using a high-resolution cloud brush in a design project, always place the cloud on its own layer where you can modify the texture easily without affecting the rest of your project.

Get high-quality cloud brushes.

Download a set of over 300 different Photoshop brushes for personal or commercial use, including charcoals, inks, oils, and hi-res cloud brushes.


Download tons of free Photoshop brushes

How to install your cloud brush set.

Learn how to download free cloud brushes to use in Photoshop.

1. Download it:

Download a selection of different brushes as add-ons.

2. Open it:

Launch Photoshop and open the Window menu. Then, open the Brushes panel and click the hamburger menu to the right.

3. Import it:

Select Import Brushes.

4. Open it:

Select the ABR file for the brush pack you want to use and click Load.

5. Use it:

Your new realistic cloud brushes will be available in the Brushes window.   

Adobe Photoshop

Do more with Adobe Photoshop.

Learn how to take your fluffy clouds to a higher level.

Discover Photoshop tools and workflows with in-depth tutorials that you can combine with your cloud brushes.

Orange textured brushes are demonstrated in side-by-side lightning bolt squiggles

Create textured brushes.

Learn how you can custom-design a brushstroke that mimics the effect of ink painted onto a textured canvas.

Unknown elements from multiple pictures are combined to create a multicolor landscape in a composite image

Combine images.

Adding brushstrokes is one thing, but go a step further by creating composite images. Take elements from one picture and add them to another.

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