Create lifelike foliage with grass brushes in Photoshop.

Paint a variety of vegetation with grass brush presets, or create your own. Learn how to make lush grass and nature brushes with Adobe Photoshop.

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A field of tall, green grass blows in the wind with brush tool icon overlaid


Bring green grass to life in all its glory.

Whether you’re creating a stylized illustration or touching up a high-resolution landscape portrait, grass brushes offer a number of ways to help you craft organic looks.
A beam of light illuminates a grassy forest glen reminiscent of the film Bambi with a brush box

Grass brushes for every project.

From the Photoshop brush panel, you can find grass brushes suited to the needs of your project, or find and install new brush packs to meet a specific need.

Lifelike grass textures for illustration.

Whether you’re trying to enhance real grass with subtle brushwork or create a watercolor field of grass, brush presets and customization options untether your imagination.

A realistic illustration of a rudimentary path along a lush forest with brush selection box overlaid
Stylized foliage brushes are sampled in watercolor with an overlay brush settings menu

Make plants, leaves, and flowers

Want to make plants? No problem. Photoshop brushes can take on a number of recognizable shapes and sizes, including tree brushes, leaf brushes, and flower brushes.

Add layers of texture.

Grass has many layers, and creating foliage brushes with robust volume and texture is as easy as adjusting a few settings.

The remnants of an ancient stone structure overgrown with layers of brush foliage floating on different layers

How to install Photoshop grass brushes.

Install your own grass brushes with a few quick steps:

  • Download it:
    Download a selection of different brushes as a brush pack.
  • Open it:
    Launch Photoshop, open the Brushes window, and then open the menu to the right and select Import Brushes.
  • Import it:
    Select the ABR file for the grass brush pack you’re using.
  • Use it:
    You’re ready to start painting foliage on your canvas with your new grass brushes.

Great uses for grass brushes and the Brush tool.

  • Creating vegetation, from swamps to manicured lawn
  • Painting fur and other natural materials
  • Drawing eyelashes or thin hairs
  • Adding texture to a landscape
  • Creating background plants and trees


Grass brush tips and tricks.

Explore free resources, tutorials, and templates to help you create the best grass brushes.
Brightly colored brush tools are demonstrated on a white background with adjustment dialog box overlaid

Adjust your brushes.

Learn to boost your graphic design projects with control and adjustment of brushes.

Learn to control and edit brushes

An orange and green landscape of vegetation created with the brushes of graphic artist Kyle T. Webster

Try the ultimate grass brush set.

Award-winning artist Kyle T. Webster has numerous brushes and tutorials available, free with an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription.

Explore dozens of different brush sets