Add extra sparkle to your photos with star brushes.

From painting a night sky to adding bokeh or light effects to a photo, star brushes are a versatile editing tool. Learn how to use these different brushes to create work that shines.

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A snowy mountain range at night is topped by stars among a purple-and-blue galaxy with brush tool icon overlaid


Create luminous images with star brushes in Adobe Photoshop.

Bring nighttime to life in illustrations and photos with enhancements made by star brushes and star brush sets. With Photoshop, you can keep people stargazing at your work.
The image of a field of stars is placed on graphic art depicting a futuristic city street with brush tool editor overlaid

Build your own field of stars.

Whether you’re making a starry night, a spread of nebulas, or just your average star dust, Photoshop has brushes to build any starscape.

Dazzle with lens flares and light rays.

Add scattered light, flares, and rays to your photos and artwork. Generate dazzling effects in a flash.

A person staring at the camera with hands held in front of them is bathed in orange and yellow rays of light
A person's face is partially blurred with a bokeh effect using the star brush

Blur with bokeh effects.

The star brush is one of the best ways to create artificial blur and bokeh effects. It’s easy to make dramatic and startling juxtapositions.

Share the spectacle.

If you create a gorgeous star field brush, don’t keep it to yourself. Share your creations with others as a single brush or brush pack.

A flower pot glows in the moonlight in a minimalist drawing with brush saver settings overlaid

How to create a custom star brush.

Creating star brushes is easy. Here’s how to make one in four steps:

  • Set it:
    Select the Brush tool and open brush presets, setting your brush to 500x500 pixels.
  • Change it:
    Change foreground color to black, background color to white, and hardness to 60%.
  • Define it:
    Select Edit › Define Brush Preset › Name Brush, to give your brush a name.
  • Save it:
    Save the brush for later use, or export it for others to use.


Learn to make stars, blurs, and other brush effects.

Enhance your night sky with awe-inspiring star brushes, custom shapes, and effects. These templates and tutorials will have you making stardust and sparkle brushes in moments.
A bluish purple canvas of splatter and star effects created with a brush tool

Spatter and star brushes.

Download dozens of brushes free with an Adobe Creative Cloud account to create a wild array of star, glow, and spatter effects.

Try out the brushes

Star gazers on a fence are overwhelmed by a bright teal night sky with Get More Brushes dialog box overlaid

Import and export star Photoshop brushes.

Learn to create or import high-resolution effect brushes and star lights and export them in moments.

Learn to import and export

A mockup of Photoshop showing a photo of flowers being edited

Create bokeh and blur.

Learn how you can use star brushes as effective blur and bokeh creation tools.

Bring beautiful blur to your images

A dark and foggy valley landscape with layers dialog box overlaid

Learn to use layers.

For more complex brush effects, layers are an important tool. Learn how they can be a part of your editing process.

Enhance your work with layers