Illustrated trees in front of a mountain range bathed in orange light with brush tool icon overlaid


Help your work grow with tree Photoshop brushes.

Tree brushes can help you create realistic foliage in Adobe Photoshop. Discover how to bring an organic look to your art with this high-quality brush set.

Branch out with the tree brush pack.

You can use high-resolution tree brushes from the Summer 2021 and Winter 2022 brush packs to create a forest’s worth of flora, from tropical coconut palms to picturesque green grass. They’re a great way to add a stylized organic feel or even a realistic tree silhouette to a photo or design project.

Black composites of different tree brushes are organized on a white background

Organize your orchard.

With your tree brush set, you’ll have a lot of different brush options for building your own foliage — whether it’s grass, hedges, or trees. Keep your brushes organized by creating separate folders for each type in your Brush Panel.

A palm in the Andean highlands with a foggy mountain range in the background and brush panel overlaid

Tweak your trees.

From the Brush Settings panel you can adjust every feature of your new tree silhouette brushes, from gradient to size to color, then save it as a preset for future use.

Orange sunset over a savanna landscape using layers and brush tools with layer menu overlaid

Plant your trees on a different layer.

By placing the trees you make onto their own layers, you can edit them individually from the rest of your project to ensure that it blends perfectly with the whole image.

Hazy colored palms are rendered in double using a tree silhouette brush with brush settings panel overlaid

Create your own tree brushes.

If the tree brushes available don’t fit what you had in mind, you can use the Brush Settings panel to create your own unique brush. 

Get free hi-res Photoshop brushes for personal or commercial use.

With the Summer 2021 and Winter 2022 brushes, available as free downloads, it’s easy to create lush vegetation — including tree images.


Download free Photoshop tree brushes with the Summer 2021 and Winter 2022 brush packs.

How to install your complete tree brush Photoshop pack.

Learn how to install free Photoshop brushes.

1. Download it:

Download a selection of different brushes as add-ons.

2. Open it:

Launch Photoshop and open the Brushes window, then click the hamburger menu to the right.

3. Import it:

Select Import Brushes.

4. Open it:

Select the ABR file for the brush pack you want to use and click Load.

5. Use it:

Your new promo brush pack will be available in the Brushes window. 

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Tree brush questions? We have answers.

It’s easy to create a tree brush in Photoshop from an existing image. Just import your photograph of a tree, use a black-to-white Gradient Map adjustment layer to desaturate the image, increase the contrast, then go to Edit › Define Brush Preset to save it as a custom brush.

Once you've downloaded your brush set (make sure to look for the Summer 2021 and Winter 2022 brush packs) and installed it, you can find your tree brushes in the Brushes panel, which you can access from the toolbar or the Window › Brush menu.

Discover how to make your tree brushes come to life.

Learn how you can use Photoshop features to enhance your tree brushes.

A pair of of symmetrical palm trees rendered in the style of Miami Vice inside striped squares

Paint in symmetry.

Find out how you can use your favorite brush to create perfectly symmetrical patterns, whether you’re making a mirror image or an intricate design.

A forest landscape with trees of all sizes and deer created in black silhouettes on a white background

Save tool presets.

Photoshop tools have a staggering range of customizability. Learn how you can save your favorite settings and presets to use again and again.

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