Stylized digital watercolor painting of a face in shades of blue with pops of red, yellow, and orange.


Add a splash of color to your work with watercolor Photoshop brushes.

Use brush sets that mimic the texture of a watercolor painting to give your graphic design project an authentic and artistic feel.

Bring a stroke of genius to your image with a watercolor brush pack.

Watercolor textures and brushes have a wide variety of applications, whether you’re using them to create a high-res watercolor effect on an existing photograph or creating from scratch an image that matches the look of an actual watercolor painting.

Layered watercolor brushstrokes with different textures and opacities in many different shades of blue.

Get more brushes with ease.

Open the Brushes panel and click Get More Brushes on the flyout menu. From there, you can gather new high-resolution brushes as a free download.

Photoshop brushes menu and example watercolor brushstrokes in blue and gold.

Explore a variety of brushstrokes.

When you download a watercolor brush pack, you’ll have access to a number of different brushstrokes. Experiment with them to see the various watercolor splatter effects available.

Photoshop brush settings menu and example watercolor brush strokes in multiple shades of blue.

Modify your brush settings.

Capture the irregular look of a real watercolor painting with editable brush settings like scatter, gradient, or shape dynamics — and never use the exact same brushstroke twice.

Dark gray brush stroke moving across a close-up watercolor painting of a face, all on top of a transparent background grid.

Go beyond the brush.

Use your watercolor brush in conjunction with other Photoshop actions to achieve specific effects and edits.

Abstract digital watercolor painting featuring curving lines and circles on a textured background in shades of teal and indigo with Photoshop brushes menu to the side.

Free watercolor Photoshop brush sets.

Explore a selection of different brushes as add-ons to help you create watercolor designs.

Download free watercolor Photoshop brushes from Adobe 

Watercolor Brush Pack.

These watercolor blob brushes use built-in textures to create the splatters and uneven liquid edges that give the distinctive look of watercolor paint.

Watercolor splatter brushes.

Get more than 40 unique brushes to create a splatter effect with your watercolor brushstrokes. Control the amount of splatter, density, direction, and concentration.

How to install your high-quality watercolor brush sets.

Follow this brush set installation tutorial so you can get to work creating watercolor designs.

1. Download it:

Download a selection of different brushes as plugins.

2. Open it:

Launch Photoshop and open the Window menu. Find the Brushes panel, open it, and click the hamburger menu to the right.

3. Import it:

Select Import Brushes.

4. Open it:

Select the ABR file for the brush pack you want to use and click Load.

5. Use it:

Your new realistic watercolor brushes will be available in the Brushes window.

Adobe Photoshop

Do more with Adobe Photoshop.

Thick blue brushstroke with a blue paintbrush icon.

Explore skills to help take your brushwork to the next level.

Find new ways to create with step-by-step Photoshop tutorials.

Work with layers.

Find out how you can use layers alongside brushes to craft and tweak specific details of your project without affecting the larger image.

How to retouch images.

Learn how to touch up your pictures, whether you want to fix your lighting, remove imperfections, or add a little color.

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