Add drama with Sky Replacement.

Sunny, starry, or stormy — with the Sky Replacement tool, you can quickly swap out the sky in your shot for the one you want and make all your horizons memorable.

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How to replace the sky in Photoshop.

  • Pick an image
    Open a photo with a dull sky and choose Edit > Sky Replacement.
  • View the gallery
    Explore the preset sky images and click the one you like.
  • Let Adobe Sensei do the work
    Check out the newly blended scene and review the editable adjustments in the Layers panel.
  • Import your own sky
    Add a sky from your own photo collection to see how it enhances the scene.
Using black and white brushes to conceal the background of a woman with yoga prayer hands

Search our skies.

Photoshop offers a collection of skies organized in three categories: Blue Skies, Spectacular, and Sunset. You can try one of these or download free sky presets — including tornadoes, fireworks, and stars — from professional photographers.

Pick your perfect sky.

Open any image with a so-so sky and choose Edit > Sky Replacement to view a gallery of skies. Simply select one you like and click OK to see how it looks.

Woman sitting in a yoga prayer pose with a transparent background

Enjoy the view.

Adobe Sensei is an intelligent technology that detects the original sky and replaces it with the new one, then automatically adjusts the lighting and shadows to match the scene. Changes are fully editable. You can fine-tune your look in the Layers panel.

Take pictures of skies while you’re out and about and import them using Sky Replacement to add drama and interest to different scenes.

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