How to undo and redo in Adobe Photoshop.

Discover how the Undo and Redo commands can help you access earlier and later versions of your project.

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How undoing and redoing make editing easy.

Undoing your last action in Photoshop — or your last 10 or 20 actions — is as simple as tapping a few keys. Learn the ins and outs of time traveling through your work with the Undo and Redo actions.

Undo up to 50 times in Photoshop.

If you make a mistake or regret a change, you can undo (and redo) up to 50 times in Photoshop without running into any issues. However, once you save your project and close out the application, your changes will be permanent in most cases.

Work smart so you never lose a version.

When you edit using layers, each new change you make is laid on top of all the others. This makes it easy to experiment — if you decide you don’t like a set of changes, just remove those layers until you’re back to a version you like.

How to undo and redo quickly.

  1. Keyboard shortcut
  2. Manually
  3. Using History Panel
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Keyboard shortcut

The fastest way to undo or redo a previous action is by using a keyboard shortcut.

  • Undo
    Uress Ctrl+Z on Windows or Command+Z on Mac.
  • Redo
    Press Shift+Ctrl+Z on Windows or Shift+Command+Z on Mac.


Use the menu bar to manually take a step backward to or forward from your last edit.

  • Edit it:
    Go to the Edit menu.
  • Undo or redo it:
    Pelect Undo to go back one step or Redo to go forward one step.

How to save a snapshot of a specific history state.

If you want to save the current state so you can revert to it later in your work session, you can create a snapshot that Photoshop will save until the next time you close the document.

1. Select it:

Select the state you want to save and click the Create New Snapshot button at the bottom of the History panel. Alternatively, if you’ve enabled Automatically Create New Snapshot When Saving in the history options, choose New Snapshot from the History panel menu.

2. Name it:

In the dialog box that opens, fill in the name you want to give your snapshot.

3. Choose it:

Use the From menu to choose how much of the state your snapshot will save:

Full Document

Creates a snapshot of every layer in the image at that state.

Merged Layers

Creates a snapshot that merges all the layers in the image at that state.

Current Layer

Creates a snapshot of only the currently selected layer at that state.


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