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Go behind the scenes with TikTok star @HappyKelli to learn how she creates and edits trendsetting videos loved by millions of people worldwide. | A woman and man collaborating using Premiere Pro on a desktop computer | :play:

Live out loud and make your mark on TikTok.

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“One video changed our lives entirely. What are you waiting for?”

@HappyKelli, social video creator


How do I export my video for YouTube?

The YouTube export preset makes it easy for you to optimize your video for YouTube. Upload directly from Premiere Pro to a specific playlist in your channel using your preferred privacy setting, custom thumbnail, description, and more.

Can I edit TikTok videos in {{premiere-pro}}?

Yes, it’s easy to reformat your horizontal videos for TikTok’s vertical format. And you can use TikTok’s desktop website to upload your video without having to transfer it to your phone.

How long should my social media video be?

As a general guideline, shorter videos are great for fun moments, teasers, and announcements (think the typical 15-second Instagram Story). Longer videos are perfect for telling more involved stories. The various social channels all have their own guidelines for what works best for specific types of content.

How do I export my video for Instagram?

{{premiere-pro}} makes it easy to export your video for any social media channel — including Instagram. Just use the Export tab to output your video, so it’s ready to post. If you need to adjust your video for Instagram’s vertical orientation, Auto Reframe with motion tracking ensures the most important part of your footage remains in view.