Add captions to videos automatically with Premiere Pro.

Instantly create customizable captions with voice recognition.

Improve accessibility, boost engagement, and get your story out to a wider audience. Add subtitles or captions to video in a click in Adobe Premiere Pro, which uses voice-to-text technology powered by machine learning to transcribe audio tracks in video files in real time.

1. Create an instant transcript.

In the Transcript tab, click Create Transcription to convert speech to text automatically using artificial intelligence. Rely on the best speech recognition technology to accurately transcribe English and 13 other languages.


  • Specify which audio file or track to transcribe to eliminate interference from background noise.          
  • Then edit the text directly or use the search-and-find feature to replace certain words. 

2. Generate captions from your transcript.

When you’re pleased with your transcript, click Create Captions. This will add subtitles to your video timeline automatically, saving you time.

  • Choose from options to specify how your captions show up on the screen.   
  • Tweak your captions individually so their pacing and grouping is just right. 

3. Stylize your captions.

Update the formatting of a caption anytime by using the Text options in the Essential Graphics panel.    

  • Adjust font, placement, shadow, and more.       
  • Choose unique colors or match the hues of the font or text box to your video using the Eyedropper tool.     
  • Save your settings as Track Styles to use them as caption templates and apply them to every caption in a track.
Adobe Premiere Pro

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