Transcribe video to text.

Instantly generate subtitles and captions or create a transcript with automatic Speech to Text features in {{premiere-pro}}.

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Automatically generate customizable subtitles and transcripts for editing with voice recognition.

Use voice-to-text technology powered by machine learning to transcribe audio tracks in video files in real time. Edit your video using transcription-based editing found within Premiere Pro. Automatically add captions, improve accessibility, boost engagement, and get your story out to a wider audience.
Example of automatic video transcription for text-based editing

Generate transcripts for text-based editing.

Transcribe video to text faster than ever using artificial intelligence and accurately create captions, subtitles, and transcripts in 18 languages.

Make a rough cut by copying and pasting text.

Use your transcript to assemble a rough cut with AI-powered Text-Based Editing. Cut and paste blocks of text to move clips around. Search for specific keywords, automatically detect and delete pauses and gaps, and put your clips in sequence faster than ever.

Editing video using AI-generated subtitles and transcripts.
Editing and styling your automatic transcriptions and subtitles.

Stylize your captions.

Format your captions and subtitles to fit your style, or convert your captions to graphics. Adjust font, placement, colors, and more. Then save your settings and use them as caption templates for other projects.


What languages can Premiere Pro transcribe?

Speech to Text is available for: English, English (UK), Simplified Chinese (Mandarin), Traditional Chinese (Mandarin), Traditional Cantonese, Spanish, German, French, Japanese, Portuguese, Korean, Italian, Russian, Hindi, Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish, and Danish.

Does it cost extra to use Speech to Text?

No, Speech to Text is included in your {{premiere-pro}} subscription. There is currently no set limit for fair and reasonable use by individual subscribers, for their own projects.

Do I need an internet connection to use Speech to Text?

With {{premiere-pro}} 22.2 (and later) you can use Speech to Text offline. Premiere Pro includes an English language pack for transcriptions. Additional language packs can be downloaded individually. Once a language pack is installed, you can create transcriptions of your videos without an internet connection.

Does Speech to Text use artificial intelligence?

Yes. Speech to Text leverages AI technology to generate transcripts and position captions on the timeline so that they match the pacing and cadence of the spoken words.

What broadcast standard captioning formats are supported?

Australian OP-47, CEA-608, CEA-708, EBU Subtitle, and Teletext are supported. Export SRT, SCC, MCC, STL, and DFXMP files or embed captions into videos upon export.

How to edit a video with text?

To edit a video with text in Adobe Premiere, create a new Title clip, add your desired text, and customize its appearance. Place the Title clip on the Timeline above your video clips. Use the Title Tool to reposition or animate the text overlay. Additionally, you can import pre-made title templates from Adobe Stock.

What is transcript-based editing?

Transcript-based editing in Adobe Premiere refers to the ability to generate a text transcript from the audio in your video clips. You can then edit the transcript text and have Premiere automatically adjust the corresponding video and audio clips based on the edited transcript. This streamlines the editing process for dialogue-heavy projects.

How to enable text-based editing in Premiere Pro?

To enable text-based editing in Adobe Premiere Pro, go to the Workflow workspace and select the Transcription tool. You can then transcribe audio from your video clips or import an existing transcript file. Once the transcript is available, you can edit the text directly, and Premiere will automatically update the corresponding video and audio segments based on your text edits.


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