The night sky hangs overhead

The night sky hangs overhead and, since time immemorial, we have looked up in wonder. It calls to us; it eludes us. Perpetually unreachable, eternally unknowable. What is out there?

It’s little surprise, then, that this enigmatic void is practically synonymous with science fiction projects, whether live-action film or TV, such as The Expanse or Star Wars, or games such as Kerbal Space Program or the Halo series.

Today the Substance 3D Assets team is highlighting the assets available to science fiction VFX and game projects. These resources will help you create worlds to populate the vast voids between the stars, or to slap together starships and space stations to explore them.

First up: materials to texture planets, and other celestial bodies.

Strange New Worlds

Frequent themes within science fiction are exploration and discovery, and the extraordinary new vistas that we, down here, might find out there, whether our heroes and heroines find themselves traversing the arid landscape of Arrakis or the watery world of Kamino. To credibly create the incredible, Substance 3D Assets includes a range of parametric materials allowing you to texture the surfaces of worlds, moons, or other astronomical objects.

Modifiable material parameters allow you to customize the appearance of your planet or celestial object to fit your needs. For the lava planet material above, for instance, you can modify parameters including the overall color of the planet, the color of its lava, the density of volcanoes across its surface, and the spread of lava.

A range of other parameters apply to other planet materials, according to the bespoke needs of each material.

A dwarf planet.

Moon Surface material, available for free on Substance 3D Assets.

Rings of Power

Our 3D asset library also allows you to add breathtaking particle rings to your planets. Recreate Saturn-like worlds with ease, adjusting the rings’ properties to suit your taste.

An asteroid. Pretty much a great, big space rock.
In all, this range of assets will help you to rapidly populate your galaxies with an outstanding array of worlds.

Life Among the Stars

Presumably in your creative projects mankind and womankind will not view these extraordinary phenomena from afar – surely they will venture out amongst the stars themselves. This implies a need for machinery, starfaring vessels, space stations, tools – and so the Substance 3D Assets library includes a range of sci-fi-themed materials, allowing you to texture all manner of bulkheads, floor panels, cargo netting, and more.

Sci-Fi Shuttle Exterior Panel material, available for free on Substance 3D Assets.

Of course, these materials are also parametric, and can be adjusted as required.

Metal plate material.

Rounded fabric material.

Our asset library also includes sci-fi-themed filters , allowing you to add even more detail to your materials.

We can’t wait to see the sights you’ll bring to your interplanetary expeditions.

Artwork by Maximilien Vert, Pauline Boiteux, and Jean-Bastien Juneau-Rouleau.


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