Character Artist Manuel Arroyo Arrebola first blew away the Substance 3D team with works such as "Doctor and Doll", which showed remarkable skill with both the Substance toolset and Marvelous Designer, as well as a knack for capturing the spirit of Rockwell-esque early twenty-first century art. When we began searching for an artist who could test out and showcase the abilities of the Substance in Marvelous Designer plugin, Manuel was a natural choice.

My beginnings in the world of 3D go back to a very specific moment in my childhood. When I was 3 years old, living in Torredelcampo in the south of Spain, my parents gave me a VHS tape of the film Toy Story. It was the first time that I’d seen a 3D animation film and I instantly fell in love with it. I watched it over and over again, rewinding it back to my favorite scenes and wondering how such a movie could be made.

This persistent sense of wonder was one element that caused me, many years later, to sign up for a ZBrush summer course. I enjoyed it so much that I knew that I wanted to dedicate my life to 3D, and to spend as much time as possible learning to improve my skills.

Going forward from this project, in the short term, I simply plan to keep growing and improving as an artist, feeling increasingly fulfilled with the work that I do, and being able to have an emotional impact on the people who see my artwork. In the longer term, perhaps I’ll one day be able to fulfil my professional dream of working with Disney or Pixar – this would, in a sense, bring my career full circle, back to my love of Toy Story that started everything off.

Meet Manuel Arroyo Arrebola

Manuel Arroyo Arrebola is a freelance character artist and 3D generalist currently based in Alicante, Spain. His professional credits to date include work on projects such as Apex Legends, Sky, and Call of Duty.