Didn’t Mom say not to play with our food? Well, we’re not going to be good today. We’re absolutely going to create a mess. And because we’re committed to the art of food (after all, a sizeable portion of the team is French), we will create a lot of foodstuff today.

Let’s discover together a small part of our new and growing collection of generic models and materials: premium quality 3D content to enable you to create quality — and tasty — visuals.

122 models to create a complete food line-up
100 materials
1 computer (don’t overheat)
1 artist (also don’t overheat)

This release is on Substance 3D assets, together with heaps of models, materials, and more to populate your 3D scenes with diverse and customizable curated content. With these models and materials, you will be able to bring life to a kitchen, a restaurant, a store, a shopping website, or a packaging design. Give that lifelike photorealistic touch to your ads, archviz scenes, or your video games.

  1. Apertif
  2. Fruit and veggies
  3. Cheese
  4. Sweeet treats
  5. Drinks
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Aperitif used to relate to alcohol — as in wine that whets the appetite — but now refers to the social activity of drinking and snacking before a meal.

It’s a sacred moment and, some would say, a staple of a good meal. An hour or so before dinner, people unwind over a beer, a cocktail, or a glass of wine. Of course, there must be snacks: chips, nachos, dry biscuits, nuts, and more. These snacks are now part of your Substance 3D assets library.


As always, the material parameters are here to let you change your potato chip into a sweet potato chip. Make it crispier, darker, add or remove herbs and bubbles: create your own perfect crunchy snack.

Fruit and veggies

Right. Everyone’s been given an appetite: the real meal can now begin. And to cleanse your palate, there’s nothing better than fruit and veggies! They’re a mouthful of sunshine and they bring so much color, vitamins, and fiber to our plates.


For a healthy diet, choose five per day from the following: carrots, avocado, potato, cucumber, cauliflower, corn, pumpkin, zucchini… and tomato. Yes, we know that tomato is a fruit. Or is it? Our personal opinion in this debate is that it doesn’t matter, as long as it’s delicious.


By applying the materials to the models, you will be able to adapt and tweak until you get exactly the result you want, with the possibility to tweak the drops of water to make your fruit and veggies even fresher. Don’t be afraid to get really close to the textures; this is all designed to look great on closeups!

There’s quite a large selection of fruit as well: apple, blueberry, apricot, banana, grapefruit, kiwi, lemon, orange, raspberry, and more.

As always, there are a lot of options to help you customize the materials. For instance, you can play with the kiwi seed parameters:


Or watch your apples pop with displacement:


We rarely only need one single apple. Or one single blueberry. With the splatter parameter, you can randomly spread your fruit over a surface. May your harvest be plentiful!

The material parameters also helps you be creative: step away from the simple orange carrots, which are delicious for sure, but even tastier when they’re part of a rainbow of scrumptious root vegetables.


Of course, this collection of materials is even more striking with the models released on the platform! Check out a selection of the fruit and veggies meshes available right now on the platform:

And this is what happens when models and materials come together:
Is this article making you feel hungry? Maybe you want to grab a little something before we continue?


And since we want to honor our European culinary roots, here’s everything you need to make a decadent cheese platter.

This selection allows you to choose from the most inoffensive, a gentle Brie, a holey Gruyère, or a simple meltable burger cheese — to the stinkiest, most violent Camembert or blue cheese (note that one of the advantages of 3D is that the smell doesn’t carry through the screen).

Because we want to make sure that the level of offense is in your hands, you can control just how many holes are in your Gruyère, melty your Camembert gets, or moldy your blue cheese really is. Yes, there’s a parameter for that. We like to think of everything.


Imagine those on a massive wood platter with crackers and fruit! Your guests will never leave. (For a large selection of wood for your platter, browse here. And if you want to be even more decadent, there are a vast number of marbles, explained here.)

Sweet treats

If you have a sweet tooth, your moment is now. Desserts and pastries are such an important part of our way of life that we simply had to give you as many options as we could.


With our sincerest apologies to the World Dental Federation. There’s a special magic to an ice cream, especially when you control the flavor, the chip and insert density. Let your imagination run wild!


In this section, you can also bake apple pie, apple compote, cake slices, candies, donuts, crepe, pancakes, wafer, ice cream, waffle cones, and so much more.

And here’s a little gif just for the chocoholics: eat an entire tablet of chocolate guilt-free with only the material parameters!



A meal won’t be complete if we forget the drinks. And here, too, we’re ready to give you the absolute best of the foamy, creamy, caffeine-full, and caffeine-free goodness.

In this section we have the digital equivalent of a well-stocked coffee shop. Hot chocolate, orange juice, coffee, foam, latte, milk, tea, and any combination you can imagine.


Each drink has its own parameters as well. When water vapor and air are forced into milk thanks to the steam wand of an espresso machine, foam appears. And that’s a parameter you can control digitally as well.


And although it’s not very easy to pour milk into beautiful designs like a real barista, we have a cool workaround: just paint it! (And since it’s all parametric, it can be sugar, cinnamon, cocoa, whatever you like.)


You might remember we showed a little bit of these food models and materials a short while ago, for our coffee packaging article. At that time, we created this video:


Food is a matter of the soul. We encourage you to reinterpret these food materials and models however you like. Get a bit crazy, and share with us a playful, non-traditional interpretation of these aliments!

All these materials and models we share with you today exist thanks to you. With your feedback and requests, we know what you need and what works. Please continue letting us know how we can feed you with more and better assets for your 3D creations!

The artworks in this article were created by Maximilien Vert and Jean-Bastien Juneau-Rouleau.