We want to take you on a journey in a world where the weather is beautiful all the time. Come with us on a trip to Bell Island, a micro-cosmos where the ironsmith melts, shapes, and creates bells of all kinds.

Bell Island was designed by Art Director Pierre Antoine Moelo and produced by the Substance 3D content team. Making this happen was a great way for us to test the materials and models we create in a real-life, real-time project, made exclusively with our content.


Today, we present the 160 stylized assets — 120 parametric materials and 40 models — that were used to create this little world.

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Materials and Atlases

You might remember last year’s stylized starter kit, designed to cover your bases. We wanted to take it further and build a much larger release of more diverse content: the Bell Island project allowed us to cook up for you a serious expansion to the stylized materials on Substance 3D assets.

In this release you’ll find materials and atlases, and everything is parametric!

That means that every single material or atlas in this collection can adapt to your need. Want something clean? You got it. Want something gritty? No problem: add more scratches, a bit of tarnish, and there you go.


Sometimes giving a bit of life to your materials means adding moss. And you just need to tweak the color to make it match your environment! These materials aren’t one-size-fits-all, but they can fit anywhere you need.


See, how you can go from a simple plank material to an old pontoon in just a few tweaks:


In the context of an atlas, the parameters allow you to also change the shape of your asset, like so:


These materials, as well as every element released in this collection, have been developed with care: under the art direction of Pierre Antoine Moelo, the team has developed filters and other generators to reproduce his painting style. The goal at all times was to be faithful in order to give you access to Pierre Antoine’s concept. If you want to learn more about the Art Direction, the rationalization of scale and details in stylized art, go here.

Check out the details in these close-ups:


But that’s not all. We also took particular care to help this world come together with a diverse and cohesive vegetation.


Indeed, foliage, flowers, and other flora are essential to the mood of any environment, and a powerful, optimized, and beautiful set of materials and atlases is exactly what’s needed to create lush vegetation.

When you design your environment, you’ll need to find the right plants to populate it. Using the materials’ and atlases’ presets, such as color, you can establish very different moods. In this little terrain, we’ve only used materials and models present in our stylized release. You can find them all on the Substance 3D asset platform!

With a bit of variation, the very same environment becomes arid. Nothing has moved, and there are no new elements: we’ve only changed the parameters.

And if we get a little crazy with the colors, we can be transported into a magical world:

Even though they were built with the Bell Island project in mind, these materials and atlases are designed to be your canvas. Do with them what you will and build new stylized worlds of your own creation.


To make sure that you have everything you need, we’re also adding 40+ models to the library.

Like every other model on the platform, they are ready to texture. Their UVs are unfolded, so these mid-poly assets just need to be opened in Substance 3D Painter or any other application of your choice, and you can make them pretty!


The models are divided into parts which helps you texture them in pieces, but also lets you grab only part of a model, if that’s all you need.

All of this is of course, perfect to populate an environment — and if you need bells, look no further, because we have a lot!


Of course, as is often the case with us, the texturing job does a big part of the heavy lifting. See what happens to these models when you apply our textures to them:


Here’s an example using materials and models from the new stylized collection.

Textured Model

Textured Model

This is a new set of elements tailored for stylized art, but we’re working on more! As always let us know what works for you and what you need so we can keep updating the 3D assets library with cool content.


All artwork from this release was created by the Substance 3D content team, with special mentions to Damien Bousseau, Simon le Paih, Stéphane Fontaine, and Jean-Bastien Juneau-Rouleau.