About the contest

Earlier this year, we partnered with talented car designer Takumi Yamamoto and 3D modeler Frédéric Gasson to create the exterior of our digital show car. The result was X-TAON, named after the very first prototype of the Substance engine by Allegorithmic founder Sébastien Deguy, an acronym for “T he A rt O f N oise”.

Now, the model is yours to play with! Step into a car designer’s shoes and show us your texturing skills in this contest by using Substance Painter to create your very own version of the X-TAON show car. You’re in the driving seat now!

The contest ran for 3 weeks, from Tuesday, November 27 to Tuesday, December 18. There are 2 categories: Pro and Student. Each category will have 3 winners, all receiving awesome prizes from our sponsors:
Wacom, NVIDIA, Car Design News and Sketchfab.

A few simple steps:

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Dates & Submission
Terms & Conditions

Theme: Art Cars

The theme of this contest is the following: Art cars. The art car is a collaboration usually between a car constructor and a famous artist. One of the most iconic art cars was the 1979 BMW M1, painted by Andy Warhol, pictured here:

At Paris Photo Los Angeles, BMW shows its M1 BMW Art Car by Andy Warhol. The unique car was created by the pop artist in 1979. The fair takes place from April 25-28, 2013 at Paramount Pictures Studio. (04/2013).

For more inspiration, go to the BMW art car website, or check out our special art car Pinterest board.

The idea is to be creative and to invent your very own art car!


A world-class jury composed of professionals from different industries and backgrounds:

The jury will judge the entries on the following set of criteria:

  1. Artistic quality and originality
  2. Creativity
  3. Execution and technique



1st Place

2nd Place

3rd Place


1st Place

2nd Place

3rd Place

Get more details on the delivery of prizes in the terms and conditions.


There are 7 simple rules for participating in the contest:

  1. All final texturing must be done with Substance Painter. But you can use Substance Designer, Substance B2M and Substance Source for the materials.
  2. Masks and logos can be imported into Substance Painter.
  3. The model is ready to use (Mesh + UVs + Cameras). If you need to, you can modify the UVs, but no sculpting or additional modeling.
  4. You may not use registered brands or logos, trademarks or any third-party branding element, neither on the car itself nor on its surrounding staging. Be creative – feel free to just create your own logos.
  5. Fan art is allowed – but should we ultimately publish a book of X-TAON entries, fan art will likely be excluded for copyright reasons.
  6. You may submit only one entry for the contest, though you are permitted to submit variations of your artwork as additional images.
  7. Mandatory images of your entry must be rendered inside Substance Painter (Iray), but for additional images the choice of the renderer is yours.

You are encouraged to post your work in progress on our forum under the category Contest/X-TAON: The Art Car Texturing Contest, with the name “X-TAON: NameOfTheArtist entry”, but this is not required.

You can also upload your creations on Sketchfab, ArtStation, Behance, Coroflot, Evermotion, Polycount, Discord or others and send us the link to your WIPs in the dedicated section of the submission form.

Any new users on Sketchfab will automatically receive 3 months of Sketchfab PRO! Tag your entry on Sketchfab with #XTAONartcarcontest to be featured in the contest gallery.


Dates & Submission

The contest ran for 3 weeks, from November 27 to December 18, 2018, at 11:59 pm (PST).

Winners were announced 30 days after the end of the contest, in January 2019.

Valid submissions will include at least:

First Mandatory image

Second Mandatory image

Third Mandatory image: at least one screenshot inside the Substance Painter interface.

Final project package: Please have it ready in case we need it for review.

Additional images

You may also include on the form links to posts you have made of your entry on other websites, Sketchfab, ArtStation, Behance, Coroflot, Evermotion, Polycount, Discord etc.


A big shout-out to our sponsors, Wacom, NVIDIA, Car Design News, and Sketchfab, who are providing awesome prizes for this contest!