illustrator FEATURES

Meet the complete logo design tool.

Create a professional logo design that makes your mark with Adobe Illustrator. Packed with the features you need to tackle any new logo you can imagine, this logo maker frees you up to follow your design inspiration.

Design the customised logo of your dreams.

Take your logo idea from the cocktail serviette to a business card with the most versatile vector graphics design software on the market. Discover how Illustrator gives you the flexibility and drawing tools to design logos that make an impression.

Easily create geometric shapes with Illustrator

Shape your logo creation.

Manipulate and combine geometric shapes with precision. Using the Pathfinder and Shapebuilder tools, make a logo that's a unique and memorable part of your brand identity.

Find the right font with Adobe Font integration

Start with a roadmap.

Not sure where to begin? Select your perfect logo starting point from a library of fonts — ranging from fun to professional — and then create something entirely your own.

Scan any artwork to digital format with Adobe Capture to Illustrator

Capture every idea.

Take your concepts from physical to digital with ease. Scan drawings and sketches using Adobe Capture to kick off your logo design — a feature only available with Illustrator.

Design in Pantone or CMYK colours

Keep your colours true.

No matter the medium, make a logo that pops. Design in Pantone or CMYK, so your colour schemes stay true wherever you work, even with complex colour separation.

Flexible tools at your fingertips.

When an idea strikes, you want to roll quickly from inception to your graphic design process so you can share your work. With Adobe Stock assets and integrated fonts, Illustrator helps you seamlessly bring your creative vision to life.

Thousands of font styles with Adobe Font integration

Focus on font.

The right font and style can make or break your logo. Preview and activate over 16,000 fonts with Adobe Font Integrations, without ever leaving the Illustrator app.

Access free templates with Adobe Stock integration

Don’t start from scratch.

Jump-start your project with a wide selection of Stock logo templates and vector logo objects to free up time as you customise and refine your design.

How to make a logo.

Begin with the basics and you can become a logo creator in a few straightforward steps. 

1. Kick it off:

Start by creating a new project in Illustrator.

2. Draw it:

Use shapes to create unique artwork.

3. Write it:

Enhance your typography by adding and modifying text.

4. Make it pop:

Add and then hone your logo’s colour.

5. Share it:

Save and export your logo to go live or get feedback.

Adobe Illustrator

Do more with Adobe Illustrator.

Learn from the logo masters.

Get the help you to need to produce a distinct high-resolution logo. Begin with the Illustrator video tutorials and graduate to crafting customised designs and logos featuring your company name

Create logo with vector shapes

Create designs for the real world.

Discover how to use vector shapes in Illustrator to create and fine-tune original logos that resonate on social media or a new t-shirt.

Create customised icons from scratch

Start with a simple graphic.

Create customised icons from scratch with these step-by-step instructions — you’ll be whipping up striking graphics in no time.

Design with precise colour wheel

Design with an inspiring colour palette.

Learn to experiment with tints and shades and you’ll unlock endless possibilities.

Learn the basics of draw, combine and trace in Adobe Illustrator

Find your foundation.

Start your logo by learning to draw, combine and trace the building blocks of a successful design.

Check out free logo design templates.

Craft a memorable logo for your brand, business or personal use with templates for Illustrator.

 Collage of various logo designs for Adobe Illustrator
 Collage of various logo designs for Adobe Illustrator