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Meet Adobe Sensei. It’s the advanced science you need to tackle your most complex experience challenges. Using artificial intelligence and machine learning, as well as our massive volume of content and data assets, Adobe Sensei is the magic behind the world’s best digital experiences.

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Adobe Sensei

What is Adobe Sensei?

Great experiences don’t just happen. And nobody knows that better than us. Using our decades of knowledge in creativity, documents and marketing, Adobe Sensei harnesses trillions of content and data assets — from high-resolution images to customer clicks — all within a unified AI and machine learning framework. From image matching across millions of assets, to understanding the meaning and sentiment of documents, to finely targeting important audience segments, Adobe Sensei does it all.

Adobe Sensei drives innovation across our cloud platform.

It makes creativity faster and smarter.

It inspires your creativity.

In Creative Cloud, Adobe Sensei anticipates your next move. It recreates elements in photos where they didn’t exist, by studying nearby pixels. It sees type and recreates fonts for you. It identifies objects in your images and adds searchable words to your photo tags. And it recognizes faces, placing landmarks on eyebrows and lips so you can change expressions with click. Now tasks that take minutes are done in seconds.


It transforms the way you work.

Adobe Sensei is here to make life easier. Within Document Cloud, it transforms paper into editable digital documents. It automatically includes the right fonts, creates form fields, and cleans up signatures. It eliminates all the tedious work, so you can focus on checking things off your to-do list.
It's your data. Now smarter.

It's your data. Now smarter.

With the explosion of data, it can be tough for marketers to keep up. No worries. Behind the scenes, Adobe Sensei crunches numbers and notifies you when it finds something interesting. Like a new look-alike audience that you should approach. Or a specific message that will resonate with a customer. And it also offers predictive modeling, so you can anticipate market changes and make better decisions.

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