How to write a bill of sale for an aircraft.

If you’re buying or selling an aircraft, it’s smart to have a thorough bill of sale form. Learn how to make one and what to include by following these simple steps.

Also known as Form AC 8050-2, an aircraft bill of sale is required by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) when buying and/or selling an aircraft. This form includes important information about the buyer, seller, and transaction details. Learn how easy it is to access and complete it, have it successfully signed and then, securely sent.

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Step 1: Import the aircraft bill of sale form.

Download form AC 8050-2 from the FAA’s website to serve as your aircraft bill of sale. Once downloaded, use a versatile, secure e-signature software to import the document, complete it, and ready it for signing.

Step 2: Fill out the bill of sale accurately and completely.

An aircraft bill of sale has several fields, all of which need to be accurately filled out. You’ll need:

Additionally, a buyer and seller may include other documents outlining the terms of the transaction. For example, a seller may attach a document that describes the condition of the aircraft upon purchase or outlines aircraft service and maintenance information.

Step 3: Have the buyer and seller sign the aircraft bill of sale.

With software like Acrobat Sign, it’s easy to get your bill of sale form signed. After you’ve created your document, simply follow these steps:

Once completed, your secure aircraft bill of sale is ready to send to the buyer.

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