What’s the best legal document font size and style?

Make your legal documents look professional using court-approved and other common legal font styles and sizes.

Legal documents need to be clear and legible. That’s why it’s important to use type styles that look clean and professional. Stick with approved fonts and sizes to make your documents easy to read.

Fonts are important for legibility and readability. If you use an “annoying” font style, it may be difficult to read what you wrote. In a legal setting, it’s especially important to make all writing as clear and professional as possible.

While there’s no one “official” font style for legal documents, there are a few court-approved fonts that are considered most easily readable:

You might have noticed that Times New Roman and Calibri didn’t make the list. Although many courts and lawyers accept these “default” fonts, they’re not preferred. And — whatever you do — stay away from novelty fonts like Comic Sans. They’ll just make your document look unprofessional.

If you’re not sure which font to use, you can always read other legal documents that have been accepted by the court or lawyer and use whichever font they chose. That way, you won’t have to wonder if your font is right.

Similarly to the font style, there’s no “standard” font size for legal documents. Courts only require that the font is legible.

Most courts and lawyers recommend using a 12-point font for legal documents. That’s large enough for anyone to be able to read and still small enough that you can fit plenty of information on a single page. Using an overly large font is obnoxious to read and takes up too many pages.

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