Four tips on how to improve invoice processing.

Learn how to spend less time and energy on billing with these four tips for easy invoicing.

Constantly creating and sending invoices can be a difficult task that you might not have time for, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Here are four tips to ease the invoicing burden.

Use reusable templates.

Building invoices from scratch takes time. Create or download free invoice templates to get a head start on the invoicing process.

By using templates, you can simply update the customer information and add your items, making the invoicing process go much faster and easier. You can save time creating invoice details like headings, your business information, and design elements.

Automate whenever possible.

Automation can make anything easier, including invoicing. The less you need to keep track of, the faster the process will go.

You can automate various parts of the invoicing process to streamline workflows and save yourself both time and money:

The more your software can do for you, the easier invoicing will be.

Stay organized.

If your records are well organized, you won’t have to spend as much time looking through various folders and spreadsheets. Staying organized will also help to reduce billing errors that you’ll need to fix later.

It might take some extra time up front, but staying organized is one of the best ways to make invoicing easy.

Accept online payments.

Online payments are instant and don’t require effort from either you or the customer. Customers can simply pay with a credit card or their preferred online payment option, and the funds go right to your bank. Everything is automated, so you won’t even need to leave the office.

If you need signed approval on invoices, you can do that online too using an electronic signature program like Acrobat Sign. Customers can add their signature with the click of a mouse, making invoicing easy for everyone.

Explore more about what you can do with Acrobat Pro with e-sign to help simplify invoicing for your business.