Electronic notaries help you digitally notarize documents.

Get your documents notarized without hassle. Find out how you can use an electronic notary to sign and certify documents online.

Notarization is the final seal on many crucial contracts, from business agreements to closing a house sale. These days, though, finding a notary and getting to them in person is getting more and more difficult. It can get even more complicated when you need to notarize a document in a hurry.

A convenient solution is to use an electronic notary service. Acrobat Sign makes it quick and easy to notarize your contracts and documents digitally online.

What is a digital notary?

A digital notary works mostly like a traditional one, only online. An electronic notary service connects you with a secretary of state-certified professional notary through a video conference call. During the session, you’ll prove your identities and authenticate the document, before signing and certifying it digitally.

When to use electronic notarization.

An electronic notary has two main advantages to a regular notary — speed and convenience. It is usually much quicker to contact an online notary than to visit one in-person. This is of particular value when you must get your document certified in a hurry.

You can also go through the entire process without ever leaving your home or office. Doing things remotely is especially valuable due to the exceptional circumstances caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Some states have even enacted permanent online notarization laws.

How can I notarize my document digitally?

Adobe and Notarize have partnered to make digital notary services easily accessible. You can instantly connect with a trusted notary and get your documents signed and certified hassle-free.

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