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Macromedia Authorware Support Center - Using ActiveX controls
Installing the ActiveX Xtra

The ActiveX Xtra has two components:

ActXPriv.X32 contains components of the ActiveX Xtra that you need only for authoring. Don't include it with the Authorware piece you distribute. It's not licensed for redistribution.
ActiveX.X32 contains everything users need to use an ActiveX control you've embedded in a piece. Distribute it with the Authorware piece. (There's no 16-bit version of the ActiveX Xtra.)
When you distribute an Authorware piece, create an Xtras folder in the folder that contains either the run-time application (Runa4w or RunA4M) or the Authorware piece you're distributing (if you packaged it with the run-time). Put ActiveX.X32 in the Xtras folder.

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