Adobe Captivate

Smart meets beautiful with Adobe Captivate (2017 release)

Amp up your authoring game with smart eLearning. Experience a unique approach to course creation that combines intelligent authoring and content transformation to offer unmatched creativity and productivity.

Intelligent authoring

Axe the labour, max the love. 
Stay on top of your authoring game with a path-breaking tool that takes the grunt out of work.

Content transformation

Nail the how, up the wow.
Zap the online-offline gap with a feature-rich tool that lets you add a real-world feel to your courses.


What do the experts say

Anita Horsely
Pooja's rating
“... the tool not only outperforms itself but incorporates features that we request, showing that the Adobe support team listens to us."
— Anita Horsley, M.Ed. CEO, CALEX Learning Consultants LLC
Anita Horsely
Pooja's rating
“...there’s no need to tweak the content on different breakpoints anymore, just use the fluid boxes and it will do the heavy-lifting for you. I’m absolutely loving this new workflow!"
— Dr. Pooja Jaisingh, Chief Learning Geek, LearninGeeks
Anita Horsely
Pooja's rating
“...the 'Save As Responsive' option in Adobe Captivate 2017 just made this job seem like a breeze at the click of a button. What a HUGE time saver. This release is a must get for me!"
— Phil Cowcill, Senior eLearning Specialist, Department of National Defence, Canada

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*courses created with Adobe Captivate 8 and 9