Adobe Captivate

Smart meets beautiful with Adobe Captivate (2017 release)

Leap ahead with a smart authoring platform that does the heavy lifting of creating responsive eLearning content. Reduce authoring time with intelligent Fluid Boxes that use white space optimally to align objects automatically and help you deliver stunning mobile learning experiences on every device.

Smart. From the start.

Create fully responsive eLearning content faster, without programming. Also automatically transform* legacy desktop courses into mobile learning.                              

Responsive learning

Responsive eLearning

Design content that best fits all devices so that learners always get a great experience on any device.

Fluid boxes

Fluid boxes

Automatically make your content responsive by placing it in inherently intelligent containers.

Typekit integration

Adobe Typekit integration

Design freely with the fonts you love; they will remain the same, across devices and browsers.

Auto migrate

Auto-migration of legacy content

Bring your desktop-only content into the mobile age, as fully responsive mobile learning courses.

Productive. Till the end.

Design all kinds of eLearning content, from application simulations to HD product demos, assessment modules and more, with just one tool. Get unmatched value with 75,000+ free assets.

Assets Store

Asset store

Add zing to your content with 75,000+ free, professionally designed eLearning resources. 

Multistste objects

Multistate objects

Bring concepts to life and tell stories more evocatively by showing transitions and in-between stages.


Responsive simulations

Create cutting-edge screen captures that intuitively optimize screen activity for mobile device views.


Roundtripping with Adobe CC

Save time and work more conveniently with in-product access to the world’s best creative apps. 


What do the experts say

Anita Horsely
Pooja's rating
“... the tool not only outperforms itself but incorporates features that we request, showing that the Adobe support team listens to us."
— Anita Horsley, M.Ed. CEO, CALEX Learning Consultants LLC
Phil Cowcill
Pooja's rating
“...the 'Save As Responsive' option in Adobe Captivate 2017 just made this job seem like a breeze at the click of a button. What a HUGE time saver. This release is a must get for me!"
— Phil Cowcill, Senior eLearning Specialist, Department of National Defence, Canada

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*courses created with Adobe Captivate 8 and 9