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Authorware, multimedia, and instructional methods

A noted teacher and educator introduces the principles of instructional design and the cognitive learning process. The accompanying examples demonstrate how to apply the principles of effective instructional design to creating multimedia teaching and training materials with Authorware.

Creating a simple Authorware piece

Starting with text and an imported graphic, this article walks you through the steps of building an Authorware piece icon by icon. You'll learn how to order icons along the flowline and add content or functionality to each icon in your piece.

Editing a map file with the Authorware Web Packager

Authorware Web Packager produces a map file that gives the Authorware Web Player the information it needs to retrieve all the segments of an Authorware piece. This article describes how to edit the map file if you need to change file names or use transition Xtras, Director movies, of Windows DLLs.

Using modular logic in Authorware

Modular logic is an approach to Authorware design that allows all the scripts and pieces of the flowline to be reused with a minimal amount of reworking. By limiting the number of changes needed to reuse the logic, you can increase your production efficiency and distribute the creation of logic elements to more team members.

Which files you need to distribute

When you distribute an Authorware file containing images, sounds, and movies, you also need to distribute the Xtras and other files that Authorware uses to handle those media. This article has all the information you need to help you decide what you need to distribute to make your Authorware piece play properly.


  • Download ZipDraw menu Show Me

    The source file of this Show Me example demonstrates how to dynamically create a graphical menu from the contents of an external text file.

  • Download ZipWinHelp Show Me

    This Show Me demonstrates how to create links from an Authorware file to a WinHelp file and how to create links in a WinHelp file that redirect back to specific areas of the Authorware file.

  • Download ZipOrbit Show Me

    Control layers to give the appearance of one graphic passing in front of and behind another object.

  • Download ZipPiston Show Me

    Use this Show Me to create a piston animation.

  • Download ZipScreen saver Show Me

    Using the TimeOutGoto function of Authorware, create a screen saver.

  • Download ZipSnake Show Me

    Download and deconstruct this ShowMe to see how to create a game in which the snake grows longer if you direct it to food using arrow keys.

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