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The advantage to modular logic is that a little more effort can be expended in developing a labor intensive function to make it easier to reuse and maintain, saving time and effort each time it is used.By limiting the number of changes that need to be made to reuse the logic, less skilled team members can be used to perform tasks that otherwise would be beyond their abilities.

The down side of modular logic is that it takes more effort to develop, making it impractical for small projects or tasks that are repeated only a few times.In more complex projects, modular logic can require multiple scripts to be ready in different places before any of the scripts can be tested.This can make troubleshooting difficult even for experienced developers.However, once a function is operational it can be reused without having to troubleshoot it again.

For large projects with a series of courses that all use the same visual conventions, modular logic has obvious advantages.This kind of logic can also be used for other things such as dynamic menu structures and for counting test questions dynamically so that a calculation for tallying the score does not have to be changed if a question is added or removed.

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