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Playing Director 6.5 movies

To play Director 6.5 movies in Authorware 5 or earlier for Windows, set up the map file to download the appropriate files:

Windows 16-bit   Windows 32-bit
m5if16.dll   m5if32.dll
m5drvr16.exe m5drvr32.exe
m5drvr16.rsr   m5drvr32.rsr
asiport.rsr   asiport.rsr
fileio.dll fileio.dll
fontmap.txt   fontmap.txt
lingo.ini lingo.ini
macromix.dll   macromix.dll
dirdib.drv dirdib.drv

You also need to download the .xmo file appropriate to the version of Authorware you are using. Use the chart to find the .xmo file you need:

  Windows 16-bit   Windows 32-bit
Authorware 3.5.1 a3dir.xmo   a3dir32.xmo
Authorware 4 a4dir.xmo   a4dir32.xmo
Authorware 5 a5dir.xmo   a5dir32.xmo

All of these files are in the same folder as Authorware for Windows. If you're using the older, 16-bit Director driver ( m5driver.exe ) to play Director movies, you should use download to place these files, as well as any movie files, into Netscape's Plug-In's folder (the default folder) at netscape\program\plugin\np32asw . You can copy these files directly to the default folder, or you can use the map file to automatically download them. You can't use a put statement to download movies to a Netscape folder using a Long File name (LFN), because the driver won't be able to find the Director movie. For example, a path such as program_files\netscape\navigator\program\plugins\np32asw is invalid because the 16-bit Director driver can't recognize the parent folder named program_files.

If you're using the 32-bit Director driver ( m5dvr32.exe ), 32-bit Netscape, and Windows 95 or Windows NT 4.0, you can edit the map file to put movies into a folder other than the default. The following example shows how a map file can be edited to put movies into a folder using a Long File name:

get .

bin put \moviesfortesting

bin win "themovie.dir""themovie.dir"

bin win "themovie2.dir" "themovie2.dir"

When downloading the movies, a folder named moviesfortesting is created in the path, netscape\program\plugin\np32asw , and the movies play from there.

Note: If you want to use blank spaces in the folder name, be sure to use quotation marks for example, bin put "\movies for testing" .

To play a Director movie in an Authorware piece on a Macintosh, first flatten the Director driver, Director_5.0 (see Downloading external files to a Macintosh). Then set up the map file to download the driver.

Note: See TechNote 13665 for information about Playing Director 7 movies with Authorware 5.

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