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Multiple locations

You can use several get and put entries in a map file. A get or put entry applies to the lines that follow it. Any put folders you specify will be created by the Authorware Web Player if they don't already exist on the user's hard disk.

Keep in mind:

For get entries, you can use either a relative URL (relative to the URL of the map file) or an absolute URL, which specifies the full path on the HTTP server to where the piece is found ( ).
If you use transition Xtras other than the Director Transitions Xtra, add a put XTRAS entry before the entries for the Xtras, and check Transition Xtras for the differences between Macintosh and Windows platforms. Transition Xtras must be downloaded to the XTRAS folder when the piece begins.
For put entries, use a relative path--that is, relative to the Authorware Web Player folder ( MYFOLDER ). The Plug-In won't accept an absolute path--that is, a path that specifies the full path from the root of the user's hard disk ( C:\DOWNLOAD ).

In the following example for Windows, three put entries tell the Authorware Web Player to download Xtras to the XTRAS subfolder of the Netscape Plug-In folder, a README.TXT file to the MISC subfolder, and two movies to the MOVIES subfolder in the MISC folder.

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Different map files can contain the same put values. This permits external files downloaded by one Authorware piece to be shared with other Authorware pieces when the file entries are marked with the recycle option. You can save users a lot of downloading time by setting up several pieces to share external files, setting the same put folder for the shared files, and using the recycle option. See External file options.

When you set a search path in Authorware's File Setup dialog box, it's recommended that you include every put location in this search path, including DOWNLOAD . That way you ensure that the Authorware Web Player will find every file you use with your piece.

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