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Macromedia Authorware Support Center - Basics
Getting started

Create a folder:

Create a folder called MyWork on your hard drive.

Save all your work in this folder.

Download the lesson files:

Download the Windows lesson files (20K)

Place Start.a4p and Box.bmp in the MyWork folder.

Download the Macintosh lesson files starta4p.sit.hqx (20K)

Place Start.a4p and Box.bmp in the MyWork folder.

Set the properties of the Authorware file:

1 Open Start.a4p.

Opening Start.a4p displays the Design window, where you'll work.

2 Choose Modify > File > Properties to open the File Properties dialog box.

Use this dialog box to set a number of options that affect the performance and appearance of the entire piece. Always review the default settings before beginning production. Changing global settings late in production can be costly because much of your work may have been based on them. For example, if you change the Screen Size setting after creating artwork, you may have to redo the artwork to fit the different resolution.

The File Properties dialog box

3 Open the Size menu.

You can choose from a variety of standard monitor resolution settings for both Windows and Macintosh systems. You can also select Variable (at the top of the list), which allows you to drag the edge of the Presentation window to select a custom size for your piece.

Note: Choosing a resolution

1 Select 640x480 (VGA, Mac13").

It's a standard size that works well for both Windows and Macintosh users.

2 Under Options, click the Center on Screen box.

If a user's resolution is set higher than the Presentation window size, this setting displays the Authorware production in the middle of the screen.

3 Click OK.
4 Choose File > Save to save the file.
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