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Importing a graphic

Authorware provides a toolbox you can use to create text and simple graphics in display icons. For most multimedia pieces, however, you'll use images that have been created in a graphics program such as Macromedia's xRes or Extreme 3D.

Import an image:

1 Drag a display icon from the icon palette to the flowline.

A display icon on the flowline

2 Replace the default icon name, Untitled, with the name Box.

If you click elsewhere on the screen before typing a name, click the icon again to select its default name. Then type the new name

Tip: Naming icons

3 Double-click the Box display icon to open it.

Authorware opens the Presentation window, where you can position and adjust the visual elements in your pieces. The toolbox is also displayed.

4 Choose File > Import.

The Import Which File? (Windows) or Select a File (Macintosh) dialog box opens.

5 Locate the MyWork folder, select Box.bmp, and click Import.

The image—a box—appears in the center of the Presentation window.

6 Choose File > Save to save your changes.
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