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Creating text

In this section, you'll use the Text tool to create a line of text. First you'll need to create another display icon to hold the text. Then you'll display the Box icon and the new icon together so you can align the text inside the box graphic.

Create the text:

1 Press Ctrl+1 (Windows) or Command+1 (Macintosh) to return to the Design window.

This shortcut toggles between displaying and closing the Presentation window.

2 Drag another display icon from the icon palette to the flowline. name it Text 1.

3 Choose Window > Control Panel to display the Control Panel, then click the Restart button.

The Box icon displays the graphic you imported, then the piece pauses at the Text 1 icon. The toolbox appears. Authorware is waiting for you to add content to the Text 1 icon.

Tip: Authoring efficiently

4 Click the Text tool in the toolbox and then click near the center of the box graphic.

The text margins and paragraph ruler appear.

The paragraph ruler

5 In Windows, choose Text > Font > Times New Roman. On the Macintosh, choose Text > Font > Times.

Tip: Choosing fonts and Font mapping

6 Choose Text > Size > 36 (Windows) or 48 (Macintosh).
7 In the text field, type the following:

This Is

You'll align this text later.

The first line of text

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