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Setting text properties

You'll now use Authorware's Inspectors to change the color of the text and make it transparent against the background image.

Set the text's properties:

1 Click the Pointer tool in the toolbox to select the text object.

The text object selected

2 Choose Window > Inspectors > Colors to display the Colors Inspector.

Use the Colors Inspector to set colors for the text and graphics you create with the tools in the toolbox.

You can also double-click the Ellipse tool in the toolbox to open the Colors Inspector.

The Colors Inspector

3 Click the Pen color chip, then select blue swatch that's fourth from the right in the bottom row.

4 Close the Colors Inspector by clicking the close box at the upper right (Windows) or upper left (Macintosh).

If you have space on your screen, you can leave this Inspector open and move it to one side so it is readily accessible for future use.

5 Choose Window > Inspectors > Modes to display the Modes Inspector.

The Modes Inspector provides five options that affect the appearance of text and graphics on the screen.

You can also double-click the Pointer tool in the toolbox to open the Modes Inspector.

If you choose the Opaque option, the image completely covers the background. The Matted option is similar to Opaque, except that white areas around the outside of the image are transparent. The Transparent option makes all white areas of the image transparent. If you choose Inverse, any colored areas in the image are displayed in the color that is the inverse of the background color beneath them. If you choose Erase, the image shows the background color in place of all colored areas.

6 Click Transparent, then close the Modes Inspector.
7 Save your work.
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