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Creating a second line of text

You need one more line of text to complete this part of the project. You could create another line of text within the same display icon. Instead, however, you'll create the second line in a separate display icon. That will allow you to perform an action on one line of text—say, animate it—without affecting the other.

Add the second line of text:

1 Choose Window > Presentation to return to the Design window.
2 Drag a display icon to the flowline below the other two display icons and name it Text 2.

3 Click the Restart button.

The piece stops at the Text 2 icon, and the toolbox opens.

4 Click the Text tool, then click just below the first line of text.
5 Enter the following text:

	a Test

This new line uses the same font, size, color, and mode as the text you created in the previous display icon. Authorware retains the previous settings, though you can change them if you want.

The second line of text

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