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Aligning objects in separate display icons

Align the two lines of text and the box:

1 Click the Pointer tool in the toolbox.
2 Double-click the first line of text to select it.

If you accidentally double-click the box instead of the text, the text disappears behind the box. Run the piece from the beginning again by clicking the Restart button in the Control Panel and then double-click the second line of text.

3 Control-Shift-Click (Windows) or Command-Shift-Click (Macintosh) the second line of text to select it.
4 Control-Shift-Click (Windows) or Command-Shift-Click (Macintosh) the box to select it

The contents of all three display icons are now selected

5 Choose Modify > Align to display the Alignment panel

The Alignment panel

6 Click the Align Vertical Centers button.

The text and box aligned

7 Save your work.
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