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Setting screen transitions

Screen transitions are visual effects that vary the way objects are displayed and erased on the screen. Skillful use of transitions can add impact and drama to information. Authorware provides you with numerous transitions to choose from. In addition, Authorware includes a number of transition Xtras, such as the Director Transitions Xtra, which contains the entire set of Director transitions.

Apply a transition:

1 Double-click the first line of text.
2 Choose Modify > Icon > Transitions to open the Transition dialog box.

3 In the Categories list, select Internal, then in the Transitions list, select Iris Out.

The Iris Out transition displays an image on the screen as if it were viewed through the expanding aperture of a camera.

4 Click Apply to preview the transition in the Presentation window.

You may need to move the dialog box to one side to see the effect of the transition.

5 Click OK to close the dialog box.
6 Click the Restart button to play the piece from the beginning.
As the flow moves down the flowline, Authorware displays the box, then the first line of text using the Iris Out transition, and then the third line of text with no transition.

Apply the same transition to the second line of text:

1 Double-click the second line of text.
2 Choose Modify > Icon > Transitions.
3 Select the Iris Out transition again and click OK.
4 Restart the piece again.
The first and second lines of text appear on the screen at the same time using the Iris Out transition. The transition affects them as if they were in the same display icon.

Save your work.
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